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  1. When the Professional Women's Hockey League started play, I saw this as a beacon of opportunity, equality, and compassion. That all changed in the last few days.

    PWHL's Minnesota team, the team who just won the championship, drafted this player named Britta Curl, and I learned that she's a transphobic and homophobic bigot. I learned this yesterday, and today, I see THREE players defending her, including the Lamoureux Twins (Jocelyne and Monique) telling Britta to "ignore the noise" and later bully a reporter for calling out her sh*t. Even worse, Ken Klee, the Minnesota head coach, was asked if he discussed Curl with any LGBT members of the team. He danced around the question and mentioned his one LGBT friend, which to me is the same as saying, "Some of my best friends are (insert marginalized community here).

    So yeah, I'm done watching that league, because who knows how many of the league's players are fine with Britta's bullsh*t. I originally said that I'm glad that I'm a fan of PWHL Toronto, but who knows how many players from any of the teams are turning a blind eye to Curl's bigotry. Even worse, PWHL kept preaching about equality, yet they have the Riley Gaines of hockey in their league. Speaking Riley, of course that c**t's on Britta's side.

    As a hockey fan, as a human being, and as an LGBT ally, this p**ses me the f**k off. And this is on PRIDE MONTH, too. On a month where the LGBT community should be praised, respected, and honored, we see a BIGOT get praised, respected, and honored. Yikes. So I voiced my statements on Twitter, and here's the tweet

    Of course, the tone deaf pricks came at me, because they have nothing better to do. One of them called me a "creep who watches wrestling." To the surprise of absolutely no one, the clown's an Oilers fan. They're bigots, too. I still remember three years ago when Oilers fans hurled racist comments towards Ethan Bear (who was with the team at the time) after they were swept out of the playoffs. Yeah, because he was to blame, right? It wasn't McDavid and Draisaitl disappearing in that playoff series, right. So I set that fool straight.

    You know, if Britta Curl actually showed some, oh IDK, actual remorse for her bigoted stance, that would change things. She hasn't. And if other players actually, oh IDK, called her out for her stupidity and let her know that her mindset is absolutely backwards, that would change things. They haven't. And surprise, surprise, no one's telling those bigoted c**ts to "shut up and shoot the puck." Why? Simple. They're White. We all know the rules. White athletes can say any horrible thing they want, but Black athletes saying the words "Black," "Lives," and "Matter," that's the real crime. So is a Black QB peacefully protesting against racially charged shootings by police, it's just sooooo wrong. That's so sad. We have really gone backwards as a country. We are condoning bigotry instead of condemning it, and we are condemning those who stand up against bigotry. Just a sad state of affairs

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    Very early yesterday morning, I decided to try out the demo for the game "Massacre At The Mirage". While the demo was short, it was so fun!


    There was some jump scare moments. Especially involving the creepy clown. Oh I loved the creepy clown. This game has major Terrifier vibes, which is part of its wonderful horror charm.


    My playing through the demo of Massacre At The Mirage.





    If you're a horror fan and/or love jump scares, I strongly suggest giving this game a chance!

  2. Slightly over a few days ago, I came upon some anti-AmberHeard behavior. Here's the gist of it.





    The screenshots from the video above from slightly over a few days ago.





    Now, fast forward to TODAY. Here's the gist of it.





    The screenshots from the video above from today.





    I spoke my piece (1st video above) a slight bit over a few days ago. I was moving on. I even stuck around in the "TeamCarryMe" and went on as if a few days ago didn't happen; being "the bigger person". I was also trying to not judge an entire LS over a few bad apples.

    Now. TODAY. It happened again. But this time it was just "Risc" (of the Asura server on Final Fantasy XI). Over a simple joke that had nothing to do with him, he came at me. Considering a few day ago, it's obvious it was because he hates the name I chose for my character. I didn't respond to him or give him any attention. So he decided to lie about me acting like I was sending him whispers; in game chats only seen by that person. I wasn't and never have. The very way he went about this in public LS (linkshell) view was as if he was hoping others would join in and come at me for the name I chose for my character or... hassle over Risc's false claim that I bothered him in whispers. He closed it off with acting as if everyone (or most) witnessing this display would have his back. No one did. Only comment about this was someone saying "oooh fun ls drama". Risc's attempt to involve others, failed.


    I play video games to have fun; to enjoy. To see that anti-AmberHeard behavior is now starting to infect our videogames, it's disheartening. The best way to handle this is to move on, continue to support Amber Heard, and not give haters more attention than they deserve.

  3. Just like the Energizer Bunny, Joey Camp keeps going and going... Only this time he's showing his extremely unhealthy obsession with the Belize police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams. He's also developing an unhealthy obsession with his attempts to affect the economy in Belize. The archives below speak volumes of my claims.


    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ZEDRf
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp tries to make himself look and appear as a kind and understanding person giving, what he has said previously is, a big bad evil man a second chance.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/DwCRU
    COMMENTS: HEAVILY implying police commissioner Chester Williams should be charged with fake news just for talking about him and his actions.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/DjccQ
    COMMENTS: Mostly just posts actions that can be taken when there is a "perceived violation of the conventions" for the purpose of appearing helpful to the masses.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/EXjmf
    COMMENTS: In a long drawn out way, still blaming the Belize PD for his own crime of purposely spreading fake news. A lot of distraction and deflection here since he avoids his harassment of the police the night Jaylon Jones murdered Charles James.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/3n412
    COMMENTS: Simply put, Joey Camp is going on as if he is a news entity more popular than any news entity in Belize. He's working hard to try to get ANYONE to condemn the Belize PD for doing their job where he is concerned.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lrOLh
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp just playing victim and acting like he is oh so important.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/h2R7W
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp still trying to make himself out to be some big huge important figure. Basically just puffing up his image to appear more powerful.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lWyzs
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp brags about his viewership as if he was better than everyone else, but yet doesn't try to prove it. He's trying to give the impression he is all powerful as he is being very repetitive in multiple posts with this same claim. It's as if he is trying to get those around him to cower down and wither follow him or shut up.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/WHhnz
    COMMENTS: Going on about recording an appearance of him on AONN as if it means it is some victory for him.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/1BRmG
    COMMENTS: SAME POST AS the one above. Double post.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SE68q
    COMMENTS: Veiled threat. I can smell the butthurt of Joey Camp in this post!
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/fiWjk
    COMMENTS: Sim[ly put. Joey Camp is butthurt someone of power isn't taking him serious. Temper tantrum soon to come!


    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/Faqdh
    COMMENTS: Just posting screenshots of things and trying to appear like some authority on all things Belize.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/IdNVM
    COMMENTS: Bragging about wanting to contact all countries in the world and showing them travel advisories regarding Belize. Considering Joey Camp's recent legal troubles, this  isn't out of concern, but more or less about trying to create trouble for Belize.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SqihW
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp putting one of his inlaws on parade like he's got them in his pocket and will do whatever they can for him.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/uPr3u
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp attacking someone's translation of his rantings by acting as if he is the corrector of all things fake news.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ah1hm
    COMMENTS: Posting a screenshot of ThatDaneshGuy's shop, along with saying he should make merch too. This seems more like a "WAH WAH I will copy you and do better!".

    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XLpM9
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp getting cocky and pretending he isn't bothered by  the truth being pointed out.

    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XLpM9
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp twisting the truth and trying to make it seem like it is his choice as to why he hadn't returned to the USA. He left because he caused a lot of trouble and wanted to discourage his victims from pursuing anything against someone overseas.

    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/qlTPr
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp still on his quest to have cost Belize as much as he can.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/7ItqA
    COMMENTS: Showing himself off in a press release like it makes him some sort of big shot.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/fnGj1
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp trying to play "savior of the people", despite in respite posts he is doing what he thinks will get a lot of people not to travel to Believe and cost them a lot of money in tourism. He is so back and forth.


    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/igcTy
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp accusing someone else of fake news to deflect from his crimes.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/tKTWq
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp complaining his name was spelled wrong in an article about his fake news debacle.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/JXQqy
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp is now starting to try and attack those in the life of Chester Williams, Belize police commissioner.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/X1Sts
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp is twisting an awareness post by the Belize PD into some huge thing acting like it means Chester Williams, the Belize PD police commissioner, is incompetent.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/7z4Qq
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp attempts to make Belize PD commissioner Chester Williams look incompetent just because he hasn't been on the news in 5 days.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/OOaDW
    COMMENTS: Heavy implications, if you read between the lines, that Joey Camp will advocate to have anyone in Belize charged with fake news should they speak against him or challenge him.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/2aTKf
    COMMENTS: Just some distraction and deflection. Whining to whine and acting like he is THE source for the people.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/s7Svn
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp's open letter to piolice commissioner Chester Williams. His attempt to sound all official as if it will make him wantt o listen to him after all the vicious online attacks and slander.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/MkkdX
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp back to poking at police commissioner Chester Williams just after he posts his open letter to him acting like he wants to "work things out".
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/vLSiD
    COMMENTS: Trying to make a joke of the situation he has created for himself.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/YOXok
    COMMENTS: Twisting facts. Wording things a particular way to get the onlookers to believe what he wants them to believe.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/dyHlF
    COMMENTS: Taking something that can happen to anyone and trying to make it seem like police Commissioner Chester Williams is at fault.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/FIyEo
    COMMENTS: Attempting to use one picture to aid in his quest to further slander the Belize PD.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ptblh
    COMMENTS: Taking one incident and trying to create a grans conspiracy about it.


    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/TEb68
    COMMENTS: The way this is said, Joey Camp is making it obvious he intends to do damage to the Belize economy.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/cIPnY
    COMMENTS: All this is is Joey Camp taking bits and pieces of things and manipulating the situation. Feed an AI wrong info and what you get back may not be as honest. Another thing. How do we even know what he posted came from ChatGPT.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/VQes3
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp whining because of how its said he was spreading false news. Dang, he will go after anything speaking the truth about him.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/I9230
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp still blaming the police in Belize for his choice to spread false news.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/gH72O
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp still using what he finds online and twisting it into some grans conspiracy by the Belize PD.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XrUNt
    COMMENTS: Trying to portray police commissioner Chester Williams as "shady and up to no good" just because he hasn't been all over the news in the last few days.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/i24XG
    COMMENTS: So because Joey Camp claims something, it has to be true. That's the vibe I get here as he further slanders the Belize PD.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XevSe
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp making it clear he intends to twist anything said by police Commissioner Clyde Chester Williams and use it against him.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/3VGOn
    COMMENTS: Now Joey Camp is trying to imply the police framed his brother in law for murder.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SnDgf
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp going on about a letter he wrote to "Committee To Protect Journalists" asking them to condemn police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams for having him arrested for his crimes.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/p8O55
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp twisting the truth and trying to falsely claim his murderous brother in law, Jaylon Jones, is innocent.
    ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/bb3vb
    COMMENTS: Joey Camp making it clear he intends to harass and defame police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams even further.

    MY COMMENTS: The obsession here is STRONG!



    A few people I know have have been pointing out QUITE ALOT about Joey Camp. Very good examples below.


    MY COMMENTS: Joey Camp is mostly talk and his most bold claims are being proven to be full of sh*t.




    As evident by Joey Camp's behavior, he is becoming more and more unhinged. What kind of person would target a police commissioner (Clyde Chester Williams). He's being careless with numerous tales he tells. His actions are becoming more and more "telling".

  4. The video below (on TikTok and YouTube) gives the gist of what's going on...


    My Comments: I try to make a comment on 4/23/2024 to someone's comment about their cute cat, and I get this pop up from NextDoor that chastises me like I'm some low life habitual troublemaker that committed some high offense.




    The little mistake I made, which was AWHILE AGO, was I forgot to uncheck the circle by ANYONE. So, not only did my cat picture post in this cat group, but also the main feed. Both posts are gone. I could understand if the one in the main feed was deleted. But the one in the cat group too? SERIOUSLY???

    The way NextDoor mods & staff feel the need to continue to mess with people is disgusting!


    I joined here when my friend @CEDAvsFan recommended it. A blog I read so struck an interest to me. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop until I finished. I shared this blog on so many places on Facebook.



    It isn't right what Patricia "liar" Silva is doing to Planet Fitness just because she so hates the transgender community!


    I wasn't gonna write a blog, but I so decided to when I saw this. It so made me feel good to see that someone from Planet Fitness taking a stand!




    In one of the places I made a post about that blog above I read, someone replied. So much insight!




    This right here so makes Patricia Silva look like the liar she is! Caroline points out something very important. See how Patricia Silva reacts? She changes her story. Now she says the child looked 12. So much deflection at the end! I believe Caroline is right. So are others. She has a point. Nothing has been heard from that child or their parents.




    I see that my friend @CEDAvsFan so made so many good points with the screenshots I sent him.




    I so think that Planet Fitness should sue Patricia Silva for her lying! She lied about her ban reason. She's lied about a naked child. Planet Fitness should also press charges. An example needs to be made of her and those like her that lie on such a grand level!

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    DISCLAIMER: The below was originally in a blog I had on my own forum website; when I had it. It was originally posted there on August 7, 2023.


    Where do I begin?
    On March 24, 2023 a member by the name of "C. Michael Busto" joined this forum. He came across as odd to alot of people, but I thought it was only fair he be given a fair chance.
    Via Twitter (aka "X" according to Elon Musk) DM a member of this forum confronted me about "C. Michael Busto" and told me I needed to be careful about "Chad Michael Busto". I was told he could be a bit obsessive. I was directed to Google if I wanted to learn more. So I Googled "Chad Michael Busto". I came upon a few articles that caught my attention that shed alot of light onto his history.
    "C. Michael Busto" in the news.
    Up until I read the last one I looked at, I was considering just watching him carefully. But once I read the last one, I then decided to make the decision to ban him. Anyone that sexually propositions children is not welcome here. My moderator Athena beat me to it and banned him before I could. Apparently he sent her some strange messages. She deleted all but 2 of the 22 he sent her. Athena added me to the conversation so I could see them. With her permission, they're below.
    Message #1 between "C. Michael Busto" and Athena.
    Message #2 between "C. Michael Busto" and Athena.
    Seeing all that  made me reflect on  everything "C. Michael Busto" had sent me. I'd show it, but much of it was deleted. Alot was deleted without reading it. Anyone who's ever had a stalker has likely done this in the beginning. The basics of it is he kept telling me "I love you and Oonagh". I told him many times I am not Amber Heard, but he always replied saying I am lying to protect myself and my child. After that I stopped responding. There is no reasoning with a person like him. He continued to send me messages after that. Same stuff as before with some minor differences. He went on about a lawsuit claiming all women have the US presidency. He went on about how he sent me things. It was the same old song and dance for most of it. I wish I would have kept record of all that.
    I thought I heard the last of "C. Michael Busto" when I banned him. Apparently not. He made the choice to attempt to join here 24 more times. All listed below. After screenshots taken of each join attempt, the member name got deleted. If you click on each name it will take you to proof of each join attempt along with any forum PMs he sent, if any for that name.
    1. "Just here for a second" - April 26, 2023
    2. "hank aaron" - April 27, 2023
    3. "Babe Ruth" - April 29, 2023
    4. "trying1morTIMEbeforeMon" - April 29, 2023
    5. "atthemetgala" - May 2, 2023
    6. "SlightlyBoredLunatic" - May 5, 2023
    7. "IfInMadrid" - May 6, 2023
    8. "christmasinjuly" - May 7, 2023
    9. "strugglewithwhentogiveup" - May 18, 2023
    10. "Mirror" - May 18, 2023
    11. "wewillwin" - May 21, 2023
    12. "loveusomuch" - May 21, 2023
    13. "righteous.1.o.A" - June 6, 2023
    14. "grad51979" - June 15, 2023
    15. "ZorowithloveforOONAHandA" - June 24, 2023
    16. "Ralph" - June 27, 2023
    17. "DancerPrancerRudolph" - June 27, 2023
    18. "Phil Connors" - June 27, 2023
    19. "amwise" - July 1, 2023
    20. "ConstantLove" - July 2, 2023
    21. "effortpaysoff" - July 2, 2023
    22. "hazardman" - July 14, 2023
    23. "book_man" - July 16, 2023
    24. "committed" - July 17, 2023
    It doesn't stop here. He's also contacted me multiple times via Twitter (aka "X") through 12 names. There's only 11 on the list because I don't remember the first one, which he wasn't used in awhile. It started with "wan". With each Twitter (aka "X") name will be its ID. Which you can take and input on tweeterid.com to check the current username attached to it in case any particular username seems to have vanished. If a different username pops up than what you remember, then the username was changed. If nothing, or an error, it means the person either deactivated or was suspended.
    Username: Why1Mmmm (Twitter ID: 1674507754185060362)
    Username: RScroomer (Twitter ID: 1649059241074872321)
    Username: webstera1119 (Twitter ID: 1683830486903439361)
    Username: 33Vego1 (Twitter ID: 1680648068402692100)
    Username: XGeorge113 (Twitter ID: 1679237555143712768)
    Username: OptimusC1AO (Twitter ID: 1675371565117059074)
    Username: muchobusto1 (Twitter ID: 1675323458626920449)
    Username: RepriseT49 (Twitter ID: 1675212518833238017)
    Username: framwise12 (Twitter ID: 1675187397212921857)
    Username: Gozer411Z (Twitter ID: 1675126321632911361)
    Username: revolut8446557 (Twitter ID: 1665951209826426880)
    Proof of communications via Twitter (aka "X")
    There were some Twitter DMs, but those got deleted awhile ago. But I do believe with what I have shown thus far, I've made my point.
    There is one communication I would like to point out.
    I do believe Chad Michael Busto's true colors are coming out. Not only is he a creepy stalker, but he really isn't a true fan of Amber Heard like he portrays himself to be. He's obsessed. He's not too happy that he's been ignored, brushed off, and also blocked by many of the fans. The communication just above is proof of his unease.
    In simple terms, he is butthurt the object of his affection does not return it. Those of us who have had stalkers and/or watched enough Lifetime movies know what's next. Hatred and...trust me you don't want me to finish this sence.
    Chad Michael Busto seems to have chilled out a little bit recently. I hope it stays that way, but I can't help but wonder if this chilling out is just momentary. Either way, I have my own life to live.
  6. Early last year there was a huge fight locally on NextDoor when this Latina woman, named Roxana Sanchez, made a post about a very young child pouring blue paint on her driveway. She was hoping to find the parents so payment for repairs could be worked out. A few people were very rude to her. I stood up for her. I asked them to back off. This one woman, Autumn Leigh Martin, viciously attacked anyone offering the slightest kindness to this woman. I, a woman named Miley, and 1 other bravely stood up to this Autumn. All telling her that being a reviewer (moderator/admin) doesn't give her special privilege to treat people the way she is. Eventually Autumn abused her position to help get Roxana's post removed.


    A Ronald Lamountain had created a post slandering Roxana. Autumn even joined in on the nasty comments. They both went out of their way to shame her. Eventually his post was removed. But it didn't stop there. Ever since then, I've been getting suspended without explanation up until I deleted my NextDoor account 3 months ago. After coming upon X posts by a Casey something linking to Miley's blogs and videos, it made me think of what I went through.


    I still get harassed on Facebook Messenger now and then, but it's lessened since I've found some NextDoor reviewers on there and blocked them.

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    I saw a link to a blog here while I was looking at the X page for NextDoor. So, I thought I would tell my story and look around. This is the blog that was linked that lead me here.

    I was banned permanently from Next Door around the end of the 5th season of The Rookie. I made a post about how I think we need a #Chenford engagement in season 6. I kept it simple. I got alot of responses. Alot of people were all for it. Only 1 person wasn't. One of them was a moderator named Autumn Martin that told me I needed to keep my "stupid sh*t" out of public feed. She told me I should go Mexico and stay there and to take Melissa O'Neil (Lucy on The Rookie) with me. This Autumn Martin appeared to be drunk with the way she was replying to my post and others commenting. I decided to delete it to stop the madness. 


    I sent a private message to Autumn Martin. I asked if she was okay and wanted to talk. I was raised to be the bigger person. She sent me some hateful rant. I blocked her and logged out.


    3 days later, I discovered I was permanently banned. It took a week to find out why. A staff member told me via email that I was banned for harassing a moderator. I explained that the only moderator I ever spoke with was Autumn Martin. I asked to be shown what is deemed as harassment. Apparently  asking if she was okay was deemed sarcastic. Which it wasn't. I ended up with a speech about how saying "are you okay" sarcastically is harassment. I explained over and over it was genuine. That didn't matter.



    I would further protest the ban, but it's not worth my time.

  7. Michigan wins, Washington loses. Consolation prize for the loser: dinner at the White House with Chucky the killer doll.

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    On August 24, 2006, Pluto was downgraded from being a planet to "dwarf planet" by the IAU. The reason Pluto is now a "dwarf planet" is because it has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. Personally I think that isn't a good enough reason to take away Pluto's planetary status. 


    I think that in the case of Pluto, an exception should be made. Also for other planets like it too. Especially if they have moons.


    What many do not know is that is the day Pluto lost its planetary status, less than 5% of the world's astronomers were able to vote.


    I think that what the IAU needs to do is to come together to redefine what it means for a planet to be a planet. 

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