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White reviewer, her latina hate, and retalitory nature

ND Refugee


Early last year there was a huge fight locally on NextDoor when this Latina woman, named Roxana Sanchez, made a post about a very young child pouring blue paint on her driveway. She was hoping to find the parents so payment for repairs could be worked out. A few people were very rude to her. I stood up for her. I asked them to back off. This one woman, Autumn Leigh Martin, viciously attacked anyone offering the slightest kindness to this woman. I, a woman named Miley, and 1 other bravely stood up to this Autumn. All telling her that being a reviewer (moderator/admin) doesn't give her special privilege to treat people the way she is. Eventually Autumn abused her position to help get Roxana's post removed.


A Ronald Lamountain had created a post slandering Roxana. Autumn even joined in on the nasty comments. They both went out of their way to shame her. Eventually his post was removed. But it didn't stop there. Ever since then, I've been getting suspended without explanation up until I deleted my NextDoor account 3 months ago. After coming upon X posts by a Casey something linking to Miley's blogs and videos, it made me think of what I went through.


I still get harassed on Facebook Messenger now and then, but it's lessened since I've found some NextDoor reviewers on there and blocked them.

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You did the right thing deleting your account. NextDoor is full of hate and bullsh*t.

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How many are stupid enough to believe the "I love all races" act she puts on for them?

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I am another person that's a victim of Autumn. All I did was ask if she was okay after a major rant she gave me in PM on NextDoor.

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On 1/30/2024 at 12:07 PM, Lucy Bradford said:

Me as well.

Why does NextDoor keep her around?

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