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Exposing the unpleasant and abusive behavior by NextDoor mods and staff.

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NextDoor: "Petty Chastising > Doing Something About Abusive Mods & Staff"

The video below (on TikTok and YouTube) gives the gist of what's going on... My Comments: I try to make a comment on 4/23/2024 to someone's comment about their cute cat, and I get this pop up from NextDoor that chastises me like I'm some low life habitual troublemaker that committed some high offense.       The little mistake I made, which was AWHILE AGO, was I forgot to uncheck the circle by ANYONE. So, not only did my cat picture post in this cat group, but also the

NextDoor Censorship: The Hiding Of Key Replies on X (aka Twitter)

The video below (which is on YouTube and TikTok) shows how NextDoor is doing their best to censor the truth on X (aka Twitter). My Comments: This is only a tiny portion of the censorship NextDoor engages in on X (aka Twitter).     If you pay close attention to the replies that NextDoor chose to click "hide reply" on, you'll see that it's mainly replies that speak of the following: 1) Wrongful censorship of posts that don't break the guidelines on NextDoor. 2) Abus

Guilt Tripping And Shaming by NextDoor Supervisor Moe

Today I received an email response from a NextDoor supervisor by the name of Moe because my issue has been "escalated". The response and my thoughts are in the video below, which is on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.       The screen shown in the above video, which is NextDoor supervisor Moe's email to me. My Comments: I find the claim of "When actioning neighbors accounts we do so fairly, without bias and in accordance with current community guidelines" to be laugha

NextDoor: "Speak up, GET SILENCED!"

This is a follow up to the blog below.     Brief video below shows the victim blaming and victim shaming by Next Door staff member "Mae Ann".     Nextdoor first denies my appeal saying I'm still suspended until 4/23/2024. Then NextDoor staff member "Mae Ann" adds a day. All because I've spoken up about abuse by NextDoor staff and mods.     NextDoor should consider a new slogan. ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/JZmlV

SUSPENDED from NextDoor for Speaking Up About Abuse From Their Mods And Staff

It now seems that I have been SUSPENDED from NextDoor. Video below details why. My Comments: Yep! I've been suspended from NextDoor. Apparently standing up for myself in a civil manner (PRIVATELY) and speaking up (PUBLICLY) about ABUSE by NextDoor staff and mods... is some high crime! NextDoor doesn't like it at all when people stand up to their mods and staff and/or speak up about it publicly.     Proof of the NextDoor suspension that was shown in the above video.

The Neverending Problem of Toxic NextDoor Moderators

Just as I was beginning to think that the toxic NextDoor moderator culture of toxic mods was easing up...     Screenshots of the message I sent NextDoor moderator "Nancy Roberts" that was shown in the above video; along with proof Nancy Roberts is a NextDoor moderator. My Comments: Some might say I went overboard, but these are things that needed to be said. Before I started documenting how mods mess with me (and others) on NextDoor, I've seen Nancy Roberts be the same wa

Just some more NextDoor moderator targeting

Not too long ago, a comment of mine on NextDoor got flagged as "explicit and graphic". Coincidentally ONLY AFTER I reported moderator "Cynthia B". Here's the blog about that. Now that we're caught up...   Fast Forward to now, present time. Now my comment is out of "limbo" and considered removed. Details and proof in videos below. (The YouTube is the same as the Tiktok)     Shortly after my TikTok went up, I received a tone deaf comment from a "toots.goods"



Report a Mod, expect to be "hidden"; punished - Tis the NextDoor Way

As I stated in a recent blog, and proven, Next Door has been making it difficult to report moderators for harassment. I was unable to report Autumn Lee Martin's message to me. Same thing happened when I tried to report "Cynthia B". But they did eventually let me make a report. Almost as quickly as I filed it, I got something back claiming "Cynthia B" didn't break the rules.   By pure coincidence (is it really?), right after I heard back that "Cynthia B did not violate the guidelines",

NextDoor Actively Making It HARDER To Report Moderators Guilty Of Harassment!

I am beginning to notice that NextDoor is actively trying to make it harder to report moderators guilty of harassment.There's this error I have been getting the last few times I've tried that only seems to come up when reporting a moderator for harassment. This is clear cut proof that NextDoor works to protect their moderators.     In previous blogs all listed below in the link, I've proven without a doubt that Next Door has been and continues to protect their moderators when th



Abuse Of Power Called Out - (NextDoor Moderator "Cynthia B")

Not too long ago I wrote a blog about a mod ("Cynthia B") promoting animal cruelty as if it was okay, how she reacted to me when I was responding to someone else, and how she kept trying to silence me when I would reply to others. The blog about it is below.   Now that we're all caught up. Fast forward to yesterday. The video below explains the gist of it.       All I did with the message I sent "Cynthia B" was stand up for myself and ask to be left alone. I did



Continued Harassment by NextDoor Moderator Autumn Leigh Martin!

Yesterday I was looking through my inbox on NextDoor. One in particular stood out that was sent at 4pm. It was from NextDoor moderator Autumn Leigh Martin. I sent it to my friend @CEDAvsFan to see what he thought since he remembers EVERYTHING from when Autumn Leigh Martin went after (and racially profiled) a Latina woman, attacked others offering her kind words, and advice. He also remembers seeing video proof of the child vandalizing her driveway. We both mutually agreed that while the child is

"Stand up to me, GET SUSPENDED!"

Yesterday was quite a day. When I got on to NextDoor, I checked the most recent post I made about the dune buggy being a late night nuisance for any new replies. I noticed one from a "Bambi L" that was a week old. I checked my notifications and noticed I never got notified of that reply. The video below explains the bulk of the basics.     Of course it didn't end there. I was briefly suspended.     As shown in the latest video above, this is the DM I was briefly

Vicious TikTok Attack by Jacksonville Florida NextDoor Moderator... Autumn Leigh Martin

I thought yesterday would be a decent day, but Autumn Leigh Martin created a vicious Tiktok attacking me. Much of what she said was very cruel and hurtful. This explains the gist of it. It's on YouTube and TikTok.     To think, this all started when I reported Autumn Leigh Martin LAST YEAR for racial profiling of a Latina woman. This blog of mine explains much of it and has quite a bit of evidence.       While I have been targeted by NextDoor moderators beca

Drama-Queening Mods On NextDoor

Yesterday was quite eventful. Let's start with the basic gist of it. Starting with this video. Same one also on TikTok. WOW, JUST WOW!     Even after I made my video speaking up about the whole matter, the thread full of drama continued. Cynthia B (moderator) continues to cover her butt. John Brooks trolls. The only sane one below is Donna. She tells it like it is perfectly. Better than I could. What I like about her is she can see how phony Cynthia B (moderator) is in cove

NextDoor Staff And Moderators: Abuse Of Power And Position

When I first joined NextDoor, I loved it. It was friendly. People were decent. But that didn't last long. It started with frequent rudeness and snippiness amongst people. I didn't think much of it at first beyond just avoiding threads with "unfriendly" people. Then I noticed lots of trolling over the most petty of things. So I begun to stick to the few groups I am in with an occasional post in the neighborhood feed. Sometimes I would respond to other people's posts. If I got trolled, I wouldn't
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