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Stalked by Chad Michael Busto...

Amber Mera


DISCLAIMER: The below was originally in a blog I had on my own forum website; when I had it. It was originally posted there on August 7, 2023.


Where do I begin?
On March 24, 2023 a member by the name of "C. Michael Busto" joined this forum. He came across as odd to alot of people, but I thought it was only fair he be given a fair chance.
Via Twitter (aka "X" according to Elon Musk) DM a member of this forum confronted me about "C. Michael Busto" and told me I needed to be careful about "Chad Michael Busto". I was told he could be a bit obsessive. I was directed to Google if I wanted to learn more. So I Googled "Chad Michael Busto". I came upon a few articles that caught my attention that shed alot of light onto his history.
"C. Michael Busto" in the news.
Up until I read the last one I looked at, I was considering just watching him carefully. But once I read the last one, I then decided to make the decision to ban him. Anyone that sexually propositions children is not welcome here. My moderator Athena beat me to it and banned him before I could. Apparently he sent her some strange messages. She deleted all but 2 of the 22 he sent her. Athena added me to the conversation so I could see them. With her permission, they're below.
Message #1 between "C. Michael Busto" and Athena.
Message #2 between "C. Michael Busto" and Athena.
Seeing all that  made me reflect on  everything "C. Michael Busto" had sent me. I'd show it, but much of it was deleted. Alot was deleted without reading it. Anyone who's ever had a stalker has likely done this in the beginning. The basics of it is he kept telling me "I love you and Oonagh". I told him many times I am not Amber Heard, but he always replied saying I am lying to protect myself and my child. After that I stopped responding. There is no reasoning with a person like him. He continued to send me messages after that. Same stuff as before with some minor differences. He went on about a lawsuit claiming all women have the US presidency. He went on about how he sent me things. It was the same old song and dance for most of it. I wish I would have kept record of all that.
I thought I heard the last of "C. Michael Busto" when I banned him. Apparently not. He made the choice to attempt to join here 24 more times. All listed below. After screenshots taken of each join attempt, the member name got deleted. If you click on each name it will take you to proof of each join attempt along with any forum PMs he sent, if any for that name.
1. "Just here for a second" - April 26, 2023
2. "hank aaron" - April 27, 2023
3. "Babe Ruth" - April 29, 2023
4. "trying1morTIMEbeforeMon" - April 29, 2023
5. "atthemetgala" - May 2, 2023
6. "SlightlyBoredLunatic" - May 5, 2023
7. "IfInMadrid" - May 6, 2023
8. "christmasinjuly" - May 7, 2023
9. "strugglewithwhentogiveup" - May 18, 2023
10. "Mirror" - May 18, 2023
11. "wewillwin" - May 21, 2023
12. "loveusomuch" - May 21, 2023
13. "righteous.1.o.A" - June 6, 2023
14. "grad51979" - June 15, 2023
15. "ZorowithloveforOONAHandA" - June 24, 2023
16. "Ralph" - June 27, 2023
17. "DancerPrancerRudolph" - June 27, 2023
18. "Phil Connors" - June 27, 2023
19. "amwise" - July 1, 2023
20. "ConstantLove" - July 2, 2023
21. "effortpaysoff" - July 2, 2023
22. "hazardman" - July 14, 2023
23. "book_man" - July 16, 2023
24. "committed" - July 17, 2023
It doesn't stop here. He's also contacted me multiple times via Twitter (aka "X") through 12 names. There's only 11 on the list because I don't remember the first one, which he wasn't used in awhile. It started with "wan". With each Twitter (aka "X") name will be its ID. Which you can take and input on tweeterid.com to check the current username attached to it in case any particular username seems to have vanished. If a different username pops up than what you remember, then the username was changed. If nothing, or an error, it means the person either deactivated or was suspended.
Username: Why1Mmmm (Twitter ID: 1674507754185060362)
Username: RScroomer (Twitter ID: 1649059241074872321)
Username: webstera1119 (Twitter ID: 1683830486903439361)
Username: 33Vego1 (Twitter ID: 1680648068402692100)
Username: XGeorge113 (Twitter ID: 1679237555143712768)
Username: OptimusC1AO (Twitter ID: 1675371565117059074)
Username: muchobusto1 (Twitter ID: 1675323458626920449)
Username: RepriseT49 (Twitter ID: 1675212518833238017)
Username: framwise12 (Twitter ID: 1675187397212921857)
Username: Gozer411Z (Twitter ID: 1675126321632911361)
Username: revolut8446557 (Twitter ID: 1665951209826426880)
Proof of communications via Twitter (aka "X")
There were some Twitter DMs, but those got deleted awhile ago. But I do believe with what I have shown thus far, I've made my point.
There is one communication I would like to point out.
I do believe Chad Michael Busto's true colors are coming out. Not only is he a creepy stalker, but he really isn't a true fan of Amber Heard like he portrays himself to be. He's obsessed. He's not too happy that he's been ignored, brushed off, and also blocked by many of the fans. The communication just above is proof of his unease.
In simple terms, he is butthurt the object of his affection does not return it. Those of us who have had stalkers and/or watched enough Lifetime movies know what's next. Hatred and...trust me you don't want me to finish this sence.
Chad Michael Busto seems to have chilled out a little bit recently. I hope it stays that way, but I can't help but wonder if this chilling out is just momentary. Either way, I have my own life to live.
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8 hours ago, Keri said:

How is he not serving a long sentence?

Two words:  White privilege

Society's too focused on what Black and Latinx people are doing, and picking on migrants, while ignoring actual criminals.

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On 3/16/2024 at 12:01 AM, CEDAvsFan said:

Two words:  White privilege

Society's too focused on what Black and Latinx people are doing, and picking on migrants, while ignoring actual criminals.

When will the police ever do something about this crazy man?

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