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Banned for saying "Are you okay?"

Lucy Bradford


I saw a link to a blog here while I was looking at the X page for NextDoor. So, I thought I would tell my story and look around. This is the blog that was linked that lead me here.

I was banned permanently from Next Door around the end of the 5th season of The Rookie. I made a post about how I think we need a #Chenford engagement in season 6. I kept it simple. I got alot of responses. Alot of people were all for it. Only 1 person wasn't. One of them was a moderator named Autumn Martin that told me I needed to keep my "stupid sh*t" out of public feed. She told me I should go Mexico and stay there and to take Melissa O'Neil (Lucy on The Rookie) with me. This Autumn Martin appeared to be drunk with the way she was replying to my post and others commenting. I decided to delete it to stop the madness. 


I sent a private message to Autumn Martin. I asked if she was okay and wanted to talk. I was raised to be the bigger person. She sent me some hateful rant. I blocked her and logged out.


3 days later, I discovered I was permanently banned. It took a week to find out why. A staff member told me via email that I was banned for harassing a moderator. I explained that the only moderator I ever spoke with was Autumn Martin. I asked to be shown what is deemed as harassment. Apparently  asking if she was okay was deemed sarcastic. Which it wasn't. I ended up with a speech about how saying "are you okay" sarcastically is harassment. I explained over and over it was genuine. That didn't matter.



I would further protest the ban, but it's not worth my time.

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I am so sorry for what you have been through regarding NextDoor. That site is quite toxic. It does not deserve you.

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Autumn Leigh Martin...I've had dealings with her too. I've been a target of local mods since I reported her for racial profiling.

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You tried to be kind to Autumn and she treated you like trash. That tells me she didn't like something you said. I'm guessing she went overboard because she hates you're a Chenford fan.

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This Autumn causes so much trouble! Why does NextDoor keep her around.

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On 1/14/2024 at 2:13 PM, Tamara said:

This Autumn causes so much trouble! Why does NextDoor keep her around.

NextDoor protects abusive moderators.

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NextDoor loves the clout Kool-Aid they're tasting. That's why they need to be terminated as a company.

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