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  1. https://tvline.com/news/reginald-the-vampire-cancelled-season-3-syfy-1235282484/ I'm not surprised at this. Never seen the show, and from the look at the promos, it looks bad. Honestly, I'm shocked a second season even happened.
  2. Papa John's is full of absolute sh*t, and that's a fact.
  3. A young woman (Sarah Jeffery) has been training to become a MMA fighter like her late father (Michael Jai White in flashbacks); however, while she has a good support system in the form of her best friend (Kayleigh Shikanai) and boyfriend (Azeem Vecchio); however, Sarah is on the constant end of belittling from her stepmother (Courtney Henggeler), who believes that women have no place in MMA and thinks that her son, Sarah's stepbrother (Tanner Buchanan) would be better in such a field. However, Sarah finds herself moving up the MMA card, while Tanner struggles and ends up injured. In response to Sarah's success, Courtney appears to be accepting and apologetic about her doubts, and recommends her to a "trainer to the stars" to make sure she's a shoo-in to become champion. Sarah meets her trainer (Alicia Hannah-Kim), but she ends up put through the ringer to the point where her career, and possibly her life is endangered. A video call made by Alicia revealed that her intent was to intentionally injure Sarah, and she converses with the mastermind behind the plan: Courtney, who voices her jealousy and bitterness over Sarah outshining Tanner. Courtney then informs Alicia that while simply injuring Sarah was the plan, she now wants Alicia to kill Sarah, as she insanely blames her stepdaughter for her son's failures, and sees Sarah as an obstacle. Additional cast includes Jennifer Freeman as Sarah's materrnal aunt, Valerie Loureda as a rival of Sarah's, Erica Mena as Sarah's deceased mother in flashbacks, and a cameo appearance from Bruce Buffer. Distributor: Marvista Entertainment EPs: Erica Mena and Brittany Underwood Director: David I. Strasser
  4. https://tvline.com/news/james-b-sikking-dead-cause-of-death-hill-street-blues-obituary-1235282439/ ANOTHER ONE gone In this terrible weekend of celebrity passings, oh man! I definitely know about Hill Street Blues and Doogie Howser, M.D., but this really hurts because I'm a big fan of Hogan's Heroes, and Sikking appeared in a number of episodes of that show as well. Thank you, Mr. Sikking, for your many contributions.
  5. https://tvline.com/news/jacoby-jones-dead-cause-of-death-baltimore-ravens-football-player-obituary-1235282244/ OMG!! I'm literally stunned by this! I watched the man play! I watched him win the Super Bowl, and I remember that long kickoff return he had in that game! I can't believe this; this is just absolutely shocking news!
  6. One of the many things that entered my mind upon reading this news was Shannen's appearance on the episode of Riverdale that honored Luke Perry. Another was how long she battled her illness, even at its worst level. She definitely left a lasting legacy for sure, and she'll be missed big time.
  7. https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3819445/agatha-all-along-trailer-wandavision-spinoff-is-definitely-a-horror-series/ This looks very good! Kathryn Hahn was amazing as Agatha on WandaVision, and she'll kill it in this spinoff!
  8. https://tvline.com/news/cbs-fall-premiere-dates-2024-ncis-blue-bloods-survivor-1235281755/ LOVE THIS! I'm so excited for CBS' shows, especially The Equalizer, Tracker, and Elsbeth!
  9. https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1799814-captain-america-4-brave-new-world-trailer-giancarlo-esposito-mcu-villain Giancarlo Esposito is very amazing at everything he's in; I just know he'll kill it in this film for sure!!
  10. https://tvline.com/news/dr-ruth-westheimer-dead-cause-of-death-sex-therapist-obituary-1235281780/ Dr. Ruth gave us a lot of good memories; some informative, some hilarious. An absolutely icon for sure.
  11. This has been a terrible year for celebrity deaths. No year is good year for that, but still, so many great names gone this year.
    This movie was pretty thrilling, though the irony of Meagan Good playing a woman who actually fights back against her abusive husband is definitely not lost on me.
    LOVED IT! LOVED IT!! LOVED IT!!! This was every bit as epic as I figured it would be! I loved everything about this fourth film, and I hope we get a fifth!
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