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Guilt Tripping And Shaming by NextDoor Supervisor Moe



Today I received an email response from a NextDoor supervisor by the name of Moe because my issue has been "escalated". The response and my thoughts are in the video below, which is on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.





The screen shown in the above video, which is NextDoor supervisor Moe's email to me.


My Comments: I find the claim of "When actioning neighbors accounts we do so fairly, without bias and in accordance with current community guidelines" to be laughable because Next Door staff and mods have more than proven they cannot be fair and are biased. I have never attacked anyone on NextDoor, so I know this supervisor is NOT talking about something I said on NextDoor when saying "However, attacking others 'or making accusations about other neighbors activity is not only uncivil but it does not promote the respectful discussions we encourage'". It's obvious he's "aware" of my blogs and videos about NextDoor staff and mods abusing their power and position. If NextDoor supervisor Moe thinks he is going to guilt me into keeping quiet and stop speaking up about abuse by mods and staff, he is sorely mistaken. I've proven accusations I've made. Proof is in my blogs and videos.



Why am I not surprised that a SUPERVISOR at NextDoor is on me about this and trying to guilt me? After all, it is the NextDoor way to protect abusive staff and mods by any means necessary and/or deemed fit.

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I see what's going on. Basic NextDoor staff failed to get you to believe you caused a problem. So, a supervisor swoops in to take a shot. 


You aren't the problem. NextDoor and its corrupt staff is.

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Moe is trying to guilt you to keeping quiet. I know because it's been done to me when I reported Autumn Leigh Martin for harassment. I'm also a victim of hers. 

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On 4/11/2024 at 2:08 AM, Philip Gipson said:

NextDoor is full of narcissists!

That's why my parents won't let me have an account there.

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