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Just a bunch of stories about my favorite interests, and things that need to be said.

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I am DONE With the PWHL! Here's Why

When the Professional Women's Hockey League started play, I saw this as a beacon of opportunity, equality, and compassion. That all changed in the last few days. PWHL's Minnesota team, the team who just won the championship, drafted this player named Britta Curl, and I learned that she's a transphobic and homophobic bigot. I learned this yesterday, and today, I see THREE players defending her, including the Lamoureux Twins (Jocelyne and Monique) telling Britta to "ignore the noise" and late


CEDAvsFan in Sports

Explaining My Stance and Preference in the NHL's Western Conference Final

The NHL's Western Conference Final got underway, and this year, it's the Dallas Stars against the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers' road to this point saw them defeat the Los Angeles Kings in Round 1, and the Vancouver Canucks in Round 2. As for the Stars, they defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in Round 1, and the Colorado Avalanche in Round 2. As an Avs fan, I was disappointed over the ousting, but when this Conference Final was made official, it wasn't hard for me to decide who I would pull for to


CEDAvsFan in NHL

A Tale of Two Donald Trumps (Like ONE Isn't Bad Enough)

Donald Trump:  "I'm very very rich" Also Trump:  "I need your money to save my a**" Donald Trump:  "Migrants commit crimes and leech off us" Also Trump:  "I need your money to help me avoid jail for the crimes I committed" And yet people blindly support this guy, KNOWING what he's about. I already said my thoughts about this year's election. It's the rematch nobody wanted. Neither choice is that good, but I also said that Joe Biden is clearly the lesser of the two evils. This

Being the Last Canadian Team Standing

When the second round matchups were set in stone, one of them was a pivotal one for an entire nation. No, not this one. The one sitting above us. The series in the Pacific Division pitted the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers, meaning that it's a guarantee that a Canadian team will be part of the NHL's Final Four this year. The series has reached seven games, and the role of "Last Canadian Team Standing" will be decided in that game. So, why is this vital? It's simple. The last time


CEDAvsFan in NHL

My Hot Take: Lucy Chen is BAD for Tim Bradford's Mental Health

Here's my God's honest take on Lucy Chen, Tim Bradford, and Chenford. Once upon a time, I was not a fan of Tim. I didn't hate him. I saved that hatred for Talia Bishop, because--to me--she was straight up bullying John Nolan. Anyone who's mean to a nice guy like that is damn near dead to me. My problem with Tim was that he was a prick who thought he knew, well, everything. I especially didn't like how harsh he was to Lucy. The easy excuse is, "Well, he's a TO." Yeah, with the exception of Talia


CEDAvsFan in TV

Game Seven: Excitement, Nerves, and Agony

Let's talk about the two most dangerous words in the English language to any fan of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:  Game Seven. Really, Game Seven is nerve-wracking in all three sports that uses a playoff series format--NBA, MLB, and NHL. In the NBA and NHL, all playoff rounds are best-of-seven. Since 2022, MLB has a best-of-three Wild Card Series and a best-of-five Division Series, and it's the League Championship Series and the World Series that are best-of-seven. Of course, Game Seven only co


CEDAvsFan in NHL

Here's Why "NCIS: Hawai'i" was Cancelled (Or So They Say)

So a few days ago, we were hit with the shocking news that NCIS:  Hawai'i, the fourth installment in the NCIS franchise, would be canceled after three seasons. The series starred Vanessa Lachey as Jane Tennant, the leader of the NCIS crew in the country's 50th state. We've seen this installment crossover with the original series, and it was near the tail end of Season 2 that LL Cool J began his reprising his NCIS:  LA role of Sam Hanna. So regarding the cancellation, why did this happen? Here's


CEDAvsFan in TV

What, Us Worry?! Avalanche Dismantle Jets in Five Games

I can't believe that my fellow Avalanche fans entered this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs scared and worried. Yes, I was a bit demoralized when the Winnipeg Jets, a team we would play in the playoffs, thrashed us 7-0 on our own ice, but I wasn't negative about it. I stood by what I said to a fellow Avs fan on Twitter:  "I don't give a f**k who we play, we'll f**k 'em up."  The Jets swept the season series against the Avs:  "I don't give a f**k who we play, we'll f**k 'em up." Our goalie,


CEDAvsFan in NHL

A Look at the Eastern Conference's Crazy Playoff Picture

God, I love the National Hockey League, and sh*t like this is why: Now, this picture doesn't tell the whole story, it only focuses on the second Wild Card spot in the East. In actuality, there are five teams competing for the remaining two playoff spots in the East. Here's the format for those new to the sport. Since the 2013-14 season, the league places the top three teams in each of the four divisions into the playoffs, so that takes up six of the eight playoff spots per conference.


CEDAvsFan in NHL

Want to Solve the National Anthem Controversy? Try Not Playing it So Much in Sports

You know, I've been sitting on this for about two years. I've said it privately for that long, and it's about time I spread the word about this. This whole National Anthem in sports controversy shouldn't be one. It all started when a group of people who wanted to join the k** so badly got so p**sy, prissy, and b***hy over something as simple and small as Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. These same people ignored the message he was spreading, which was awareness of the immense amount of racially c


CEDAvsFan in Politics

NextDoor's History of Corruption and Toxicity

So NextDoor decided to be a thing again. Remember that two-months where NextDoor wasn't a problem? I miss those times. But yeah, NextDoor has become a huge thing again because just recently, they are targeting Miley and they suspended her--simply for telling the truth about their toxic practices. It's been a year of this, a year of NextDoor mods bullying Miley and getting away with it because NextDoor coddles their toxic moderators. They're full of yes people who tow their disgusting line and sh

Explaining My Love/Hate Relationship with the Edmonton Oilers and Their Fans

I want to explain something about myself as a hockey fan. I don't hate the Edmonton Oilers. I'm a fan of Connor McDavid. However, I absolutely despise Oilers fans. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Oilers trounced my Avalanche. This actually dates back a few years. So I'm quite vocal with how the Oilers are basically ruining McDavid's career. McDavid's one of the best players in the league, but he has never even been in the Cup Final because the Oilers f**k up when it counts. It


CEDAvsFan in NHL

A Deep Look at "SpiritualSquirrelVox" and "GenXPuma2.0": A Pair of Toxic and Tone-Deaf Clout Chasers

It amazes me how some people have nothing better to do than to harass, bully, and bother others with their tone-deaf and delusional nonsense. "SpiritualSquirrelVox" and her inability to read the room are just absolutely grating. Even worse, it looks like there's a group of people who kiss up to Squirrel and are too blind to see how much of a toxic Karen she is. That same group of wannabe Karens felt that they had some sort of right (they didn't) to bombard Miley's TIktok post with unnecessary co

Exposing "SpiritualSquirrelVox" and Her Wave of Hyprocrisy

As Major League Baseball's 2024 season begins, a new plague hits Tiktok, though it's one I kinda had a feeling about. So in the drama involving "billynomates.1988" and "dhbowzeryournonbinarydad", there was an apparent ally in the form of "spiritualsquirrelvox". Emphasis on apparent. Something about Squirrel wasn't kosher. Something didn't quite pass the smell test. Was she really on the right side, or was she out for herself? Some certain posts and DMs led me to believe that latter was the more

A Web of Lies, Misogyny, and Tone-Deafness from TikTok Bullies

I absolutely can't stand "billynomates.1988" and Derrick Bower, aka "dhbowzeryournonbinarydad." I really can't. Those two have been tuning up my mental health like a fiddle with the way they've been bullying me. It nearly put me in the same place that I was in a decade ago when I was relentlessly bullied, and later told, In so many words, to either deal with it or get off social media in response. The difference between ten years ago and now:  I didn't have a support system back then. I do now. 

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin on April 20

During ABC's coverage of the Panthers/Rangers game, it was announced that this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin on April 20. I do love the Stanley Cup Playoffs; the NHL definitely has the best postseason out of all of the four main leagues. The Stanley Cup Playoffs serve as the best eight week stretch in sports; it's a period full of chaos, nail biting moments, and epic occurrences! Here's a brief history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In 1942, the NHL (which began play 25 years pr


CEDAvsFan in NHL

I am DONE With Those Slanderous TikTok Bullies

A familiar feeling is close to coming back, and it's one I had attempted to bury for 10 years. A decade ago, I was relentlessly bullied on social media, and NGL, it really played a number on my mental health. The main reason was because I felt totally alone when I was hit with relentless racist bullying, along with some homophobe saying that I was gay solely because I was wearing a WWE t-shirt that showed my fandom of Natalya, a member of WWE's Women's Division. Straight males can be fans o

A Chaotic Day Including Bullies, Racists, and Some Allies

I really looked forward to this day. It was going to be a day consisting of watching some March Madness, the L&O shows on Peacock, and some hockey and SmackDown. Sadly, that ended up hampered by a number of bullies on Tiktok. I did mention before that a Tiktoker simply known as "dhbowzeryourbinarydad" (real name Derrick Bower) was bullying @GMileyCollier78 and falsely accusing her of being transphobic when she clearly wasn't. Their attention turned to me later on, as I was told that "when a

A Tiktok Bully is SERIOUSLY Threatening My Mental Health

So this Patricia Silva saga has taken quite a crazy turn. So a Tiktoker simply known as "dhbowzeryourbinarydad" (real name Derrick Bower) went on a tangent and falsely accused Miley of being transphobic, and when a few good people stood up for Miley against them, they claimed that they were "teaching" her to "be better." Even more insulting, Derrick had the nerve to say that being an LGBT ally isn't "taken"--you can only be one when they deem you one. That's not how that works. Being an LGBT all

Patricia Silva's Insanity Continues

Another day, another batch of transphobic crap from Patricia Silva. The cockroach never dies. So Patricia Silva is still living in this fantasy world where a 12-y.o. naked child was in the women's locker room with a trans woman. And she's living in this fantasy world where she's right about everything. Seriously, Patricia's head should have a sign that says "This space for rent." She is disgustingly hideous--inside and out. She is dumb, bigoted, psychotic, unhinged, and a plague to society.

Patricia Silva's Web of Bigotry and Unlawful Deceit

So Patricia Silva's quest to rid herself of what little sanity she has remaining, is continuing, much to the expense of all of us. Patricia is tripling and quadrupling down on her transphobic LIE that she saw a 12-y.o. naked girl in a locker room with a trans woman. Even worse, Miss Transphobic b***h appears to have a supporter on Tiktok: https://archive.is/8RIX2 So Patricia's posted this link to a Tiktok from some dunce named AJ, who is on Team Silva. Yikes. It's a short Ti

Harassed and Slandered by a Deranged Bigot on Facebook Because I Don't Support a Transphobe

This is a special weekend for me:  it's my birthday weekend. My birthday is actually on Monday, March 18, and that's the main thing on my mind. However, my happy train of thought was interrupted by a psychotic bigot. Here's the story. Of course, you know about this witch known as Patricia Silva, who invasively took a picture of a trans woman at Planet Fitness and went into full Karen mode. She went to Facebook to play the victim and misgender the woman, and of course, the transphobes came out of

This Impending TikTok Ban in the US is the Latest Example of Anti-Asian Hate

So the House has passed a bill that would basically ban TikTok here in the US unless the parent company in China sells it. I've had a TikTok account for just under a year now. I use it to share my stories on Vocal, talk about sports, and raise awareness. It's not just me. A lot of people rely on TikTok as a source of income. Now, it could be banned here in this country, unless the Chinese owners sell it to the US. I'm just going to say it:  this ban is the last act of anti-Asian hate that's

One Reason Why Connor Bedard May Be Better Off Riding it Out in Chicago

In my post about the Blackhawks' playoff elimination, I asked, "How long until Connor Bedard demands a trade to a contender?" I asked that semi-jokingly, though with Bedard's mindset, he may want out after about four years. Jumping ship to a perceived contender may sound like a good idea, but as the saying goes, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side." Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was an NHL player named Matt Duchene. Duchene was drafted by the Col


CEDAvsFan in NHL

Naomi's Fans Ruin Everything

This year's Elimination Chamber started at the oddest of hours for those of us in the States. It was primetime for in Australia, but in the United States, it was 4AM (including the pre-show) in the East Coast, but for those like me in the West Coast, the pre-show started at 1AM, while the main show started at 2AM. The pre-show featured a Women's Tag Team Championship contest between the Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) and the team of Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. After this, the main s


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