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  1. Celebrities are dropping like flies lately!

  2. Shannen Doherty dead at 53 I remember Shannen in Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Category 7, and the remake of No One Would Tell. I remember her in so much more. She will be missed very much.
  3. The PapaJohns restaurant at "38C Blanding Blvd in Orange Park, FL" should be avoided at all costs. Watch the below videos for the gist of it. You don't have to be logged into Tiktok to watch them. I've made efforts to contact the PapaJohns store at "38C Blanding Blvd in Orange Park, FL" only to be met with an unwillingness to help. Another attempt I made to try and work things out was met with being called the racist N word, "Don't act like such a N*****" and I was told that it's not their responsibility or problem once it is in the hands of DoorDash. I explained I placed the order via PapaJohns website. The one I spoke with repeated themselves and I told them I also didn't appreciate the use of racist language. I was called a hostile c**t and was hung up on. Considering the low background noise, I assume they were in back of the restaurant. I've tried to work things out by talking to PapaJohns via Twitter (aka "X"), but they've shown an unwillingness to even try to help. Their solution is to try to send me in a neverending loop hoping I would shut up and drop it. It's heavily implied. They tell me they put in my request for a refund for that pizza. In an email they tell me it's the restaurant's problem and to talk to them. I was told this despite them known full well how the restaurant treated me. PapaJohns is pretty much trying to get out of giving me a refund for that pizza. Here's the email, in question, that I was sent that was shown in the second TikTok and spoke of above. This email is so scripted! For the heck of it, I took a look at the reviews for the PapaJohns at "38C Blanding Blvd in Orange Park, FL" on Facebook. There's something odd about the few good ones. So few words. Very little detail about why they recommend that store. The reviews that contain complaints gave reason and some details. I've had issues with PapaJohns before. But I've always let it go after resolution and tried to be adult about it. I've given them chance after chance. To be honest, it's mainly because of this one driver there that's delivered for them for the last 30 (or close) years. That guy was always awesome and decent. I've seen other drivers speed through my neighborhood. One of them did so (white car) as he mowed down a mama duck and her babies. I complained about it. I was lied to claiming their systems show their driver wasn't speeding. They dodged the issue. The area manager (Nick Arturo) got in contact with me and accused me, and a neighbor of mine, of lying. I blogged about it on a friend's forum site (similar to this one). Nick Arturo joined there. He made nasty comments toward me. Also towards my friend, whom he's been rude to before. Luckily he was banned. Eventually my friend had to shut down her forum site due to severe harassment and attacks. Much of which came from those known to Nick Arturo. Some from him. My only dealings with him was a few nasty comments. Others dealt with worse. Back in May 2024, I made a big order. I couldn't eat any of it because my big male tabby got sick. After I tended to him the order was stone cold. A friend of mine felt sorry for me and was going to let me use her card to place the same order the next day. As I was placing it I was asked why the same order before. I explained it was because my big tabby male got sick and tending to him was a priority. Guy laughed and called him a stupid cat. So I hung up. I tried contacting PapaJohns via Twitter (aka "X"). They pretty much blew me off because an order was not placed. I could go on, but I would be here all night. Of all the employees at the Papa Johns at "38C Blanding Blvd in Orange Park, FL" I would say they only got 2 good employees left. This one female manager (forgot her name) and this one driver that has delivered for them for about 3 decades. The chances of those 2 good souls working when I have a craving are slim to almost none. Calling the store to ask, considering how many rude crude employees are there, is not a good idea. So this might be the final nail in the coffin for me regarding that particular PapaJohns. Maybe PapaJohns altogether considering how their customer support treats customers.
  4. until

    I didn't expect it to end like it did. The twist made me glad I chose to watch this.
    This movie was so much better than I thought it would be a Dove Cameron-less Descendants just made my day.
  5. I will admit that before I knew the facts, I blamed Alec Baldwin. But as more truth came out, I began to see the armorer is the one that should have gotten the sole blame.
  6. It's time to begin again. I hear The 100 calling.

    1. Billie Jean

      Billie Jean

      That's a series I can't get enough of.

  7. I feel for Gypsy Rose as far as the abuse she went through, but there is quite a bit that is off. If she had killed her mother in the spur of the moment or plotted to kill her only if necessary while escaping... I would understand. But she chose to plot to kill her over a period of time with another. That raises many questions. None of them good. I'll leave it at that. I am in no way saying she deserved her abuse that she went through.
  8. Since this is a final movie, they'll likely make it big... Big as in lots will happen.
  9. I never thought this sequel would happen. I am very curios as to what it would be about.
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