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I am DONE With the PWHL! Here's Why



When the Professional Women's Hockey League started play, I saw this as a beacon of opportunity, equality, and compassion. That all changed in the last few days.

PWHL's Minnesota team, the team who just won the championship, drafted this player named Britta Curl, and I learned that she's a transphobic and homophobic bigot. I learned this yesterday, and today, I see THREE players defending her, including the Lamoureux Twins (Jocelyne and Monique) telling Britta to "ignore the noise" and later bully a reporter for calling out her sh*t. Even worse, Ken Klee, the Minnesota head coach, was asked if he discussed Curl with any LGBT members of the team. He danced around the question and mentioned his one LGBT friend, which to me is the same as saying, "Some of my best friends are (insert marginalized community here).

So yeah, I'm done watching that league, because who knows how many of the league's players are fine with Britta's bullsh*t. I originally said that I'm glad that I'm a fan of PWHL Toronto, but who knows how many players from any of the teams are turning a blind eye to Curl's bigotry. Even worse, PWHL kept preaching about equality, yet they have the Riley Gaines of hockey in their league. Speaking Riley, of course that c**t's on Britta's side.

As a hockey fan, as a human being, and as an LGBT ally, this p**ses me the f**k off. And this is on PRIDE MONTH, too. On a month where the LGBT community should be praised, respected, and honored, we see a BIGOT get praised, respected, and honored. Yikes. So I voiced my statements on Twitter, and here's the tweet

Of course, the tone deaf pricks came at me, because they have nothing better to do. One of them called me a "creep who watches wrestling." To the surprise of absolutely no one, the clown's an Oilers fan. They're bigots, too. I still remember three years ago when Oilers fans hurled racist comments towards Ethan Bear (who was with the team at the time) after they were swept out of the playoffs. Yeah, because he was to blame, right? It wasn't McDavid and Draisaitl disappearing in that playoff series, right. So I set that fool straight.

You know, if Britta Curl actually showed some, oh IDK, actual remorse for her bigoted stance, that would change things. She hasn't. And if other players actually, oh IDK, called her out for her stupidity and let her know that her mindset is absolutely backwards, that would change things. They haven't. And surprise, surprise, no one's telling those bigoted c**ts to "shut up and shoot the puck." Why? Simple. They're White. We all know the rules. White athletes can say any horrible thing they want, but Black athletes saying the words "Black," "Lives," and "Matter," that's the real crime. So is a Black QB peacefully protesting against racially charged shootings by police, it's just sooooo wrong. That's so sad. We have really gone backwards as a country. We are condoning bigotry instead of condemning it, and we are condemning those who stand up against bigotry. Just a sad state of affairs

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There's too much chaos happening all around us nowdays. This world is increasingly becoming more and more isolated by all things that scream injustice.

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Britta Curl is a stain on the PWHL. 


Read about ECHL's Jacob Panetta. His team had his back. So did much of the ECHL. Damn losers!

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And Britta Curl's "apology" was bullsh*t. She used the word "lifestyle" when it came to the LGBT community. It's not a lifestyle.

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On 6/15/2024 at 4:10 PM, CEDAvsFan said:

And Britta Curl's "apology" was bullsh*t. She used the word "lifestyle" when it came to the LGBT community. It's not a lifestyle.

Britta Curl only cares about likes, clicks, and image.

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