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The Curse Of Belize (aka. Joey Camp)



Joey Camp has taken it upon himself to continuously engage in online attacks against the Belize PD police commissioner Chester Williams and the Belize PD...amongst other things. The video below gives the gist of it. (Video on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram)





Screenshot, from the video above, showing the links to multiple ARCHIVE lists.





Each and every archive from the archive lists shown above.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/1wiU8
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/5Nh0L
COMMENTS: For someone always so sure of himself... he doens't seem too sure of himself here.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lSp29
COMMENTS: Getting very cocky! Claims to know the law better than the police commissioner. Oh and claims to have a team of international attorneys. Still trying to act like he is some prize to be protected.Using his own pity party to solicit for money donations to his GiveSendGo.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/YsTsO
COMMENTS: Still trying to claim the police are to blame for him spreading fake news.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/FwJZB
COMMENTS: Typical only showing part of a story and spinning it how he wants others to view it.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/q3XDw
COMMENTS: Joey Camp falsely claiming he is in fear for his life just for clout and more listeners.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/BKrev
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is basically giving the impression the police commissioner Williams is out to get him and is obsessed with him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/88gWA
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still blaming the police for his fake news arrest. He also continues to attack the police commissioner of Belize. If this police commissioner was really as bad as Joey Camp claims, wouldn't he have been silenced on his current tantrum by now?
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/MsGiA
COMMENTS: Joey Camp continues his tantrum calling for a world wide boycott of all things regarding Belize. This very action in itself make it obvious he doesn't care about the people of Belize. Joey Camp is just in a temper tantrum. The pictures shown here doesn't prove anything. All it is is words from Joey Camp trying to spin a story he wants others to believe.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/zAjIM
COMMENTS: Claims he doesn't break the law, but didn't he recently plead guilty to fake news? Oh wait! There's an excuse for that. It's "I merely took the fine and walked away preferring to deal with other matters of more importance". One commmenter makes a racist comment about the one whose post Joey Camp shows.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/KKaGl
COMMENTS: Given how many times Joey Camp has attacked the Police Commisioner online, this post comes across as he is just looking for reasons to run his mouth. What does the subject of thatpost have to do with what Joey Camp has previously claimed in how he (Joey Camp) was wrong?
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/8qERW
COMMENTS: This is nothing more than an attack and trolling. Joey Camp cclaims he was wronged by the Police Commissioner, but yet he is spending more time attacking than pleading his case.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/wip/7Zqf8
COMMENTS: Joey Camp chastising as per usual.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ip2m4
COMMENTS: Joey Camp starts off by blaming the police for his fake news. He's making demands that the very Police Commissioner he is attacking charge some detective for his (Joey Camp's) crimes. By saying he was convicted for his part, he is admitting to spreading fake news and makign it obvious he doesn't check his sources that well. But hasn't Joey Camp claimed before that he doesn't break the law and pass off what he did as the truth? HMMM!
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/N85zR
COMMENTS: Makes false claims he tried to rectify the situation. But since then he's spread more fake news on a lesser level. He claims he's not wanted to waste the court's and law's time, but yet with all of his frivilous complaints and attacks on the police... he's wasting alot of people's tie. Probably tax dollars too.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/8jRjW
COMMENTS: Getting very cocky and says things that heavily imply that he's got the upper hand and how dare anyone challenge him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/Ebokm
COMMENTS: Supposedly the police are conspiring to blackmail and extort Joey Camp. It is heavily implied that the police shot Jaylon Jones in a conspiracy against Joey Camp.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/yaCom
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is saying that by him being charged with "spreading fake news" that is is a violation of his rights. He says it like he is the victim and the police are out to get him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/euwYO
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is calling for a boycott of pretty much anything that provides income to the country of Belize under the guise of it is standing up to the police. Oh and this boycott he is calling for will end up hurting the people he claims to protect. He continues to act all powerful.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/FrtZ7
COMMENTS: In my opinion, I just see here Joey Camp trying to stir the pot and play the victim.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/C3qUn
COMMENTS: I'm having doubts that what Joey Camp says here is 100% true; this claim of the Police Commisioner having his brother arrested for cursing him out on social media.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/BERqZ
COMMENTS: So, Joey Camp is saying government higher ups are investigating his claims after they were assured he wouldn't be retaliated against...hmmm. People complain about police all the time. What's so special about Joey Camp that the Belize Government would put everything aside just for him and his complaints? He also goes on how he has donated to this and that. He mentions the police. Now he's like WAH WAH NO MORE like what little he has contributed would break the backs of the government if they did without it.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/4A4rc
COMMENTS: Joey Camp attempts to come across as intimidating.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/KUgb7
COMMENTS: Joey Camp looking for reasons to publicly attack police commissioner Chester Williams online.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/qiaCL
COMMENTS: A mere attempt to intimidate police commissioner Williams.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/3CJlR
COMMENTS: Joey Camp trying to make it seem he is chummy with city council.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ILVBb
COMMENTS: Talking about and showing a letter he had sent to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asking his arrest for fake news be designated unlawful.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/0VNwx
COMMENTS: In simple terms, Joey Camp is stating that he will tie up the courts in Belize and the United States just to get his conviction of fake news designated as unlawful.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/RH5G1
COMMENTS: Joey Camp trying to set the stage to make it look like the police are out to get him for anything they can. Then rants about trying to see if they look raggedy letting more go. Still ranting about police commmissioner Chester Williams.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/uq2Uj
COMMENTS: Simply put, Joey Camp is very much saying he will tie up the legal system every way he can to try and have that fake news conviction declared unlawful. The way he goes on, it's as if he thinks the trouble he is causing takes priority over everything else.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/NxAlm
COMMENTS: Attempting to imply that murderer Jaylon Jones is some fragile thing being mistreated and abused.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lEGDT
COMMENTS: Joey Camp shares an article he thinks makes him look like the victim he is attempting to make himself out to be.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/AfWNB
COMMENTS: Trying to sound official  and smart hoping it makes him look more like a victim of the system.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/towAJ
COMMENTS: Joey Camp attempts to make his brother in law, Jaylon Jones look and appear as if he is some poor abused victim. Likely to help make Joey look like some kind of kind crusader.



ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/KUIo8
COMMENTS: STILL making claims about Police Commissioner Chester Williams.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/6paeO
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still trying to quote acts and things to falsely portray himself as innocent.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/HGLBS
COMMENTS: Taking an OLD article and using it to discredit police Commissioner Chester Williams.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/EZZrM
COMMENTS: Joey Camp using an OLD ARTICLE to take little digs at Police Commissioner Williams.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/vSZWN
COMMENTS: Now Joey Camp is attacking "ThatDaneshGuy" as a means to make him (Joey Camp) look more credible.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XJ8ba
COMMENTS: Joey Camp's creepy way to further attack the Belize PD.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/NhswV
COMMENTS: Goes on about rights and liberties with a quote. Considering the post of his he is quote posting, it is a dig at police commissioner Williams with heavy implications he always infringes on everyone's rights.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/sZUYF
COMMENTS: The very wording of the post and considering what he quote posted, it gives heavy implications that Joey Camp intends to cause more trouble tomorrow (on 4/25/2024).

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/TcV3D
COMMENTS: So okay, congress and senate are dropping their most important matters for this Joey Camp? LOL. More like he will be pestering them and slandering police commissioner Chester Williams.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/T5lNB
COMMENTS: Joey Camp must not have learned the basics in school because…being an American citizen doesn’t grant him  protections abroad when he violates their laws. If he was in North Korea, he'd get a rude awakening in that regard.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/Ot9XB
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is going through a lot of trouble to have a minor conviction be labeled as "unlawful". A LOT on a scale that would imply he's not interested really in having it overturned or re-labeled. But on a scale of he's mostly interested in causing grief, trouble, and wasting people's time.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/eKJIA
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is attempting to try to make himself out to be some savior of the Belize people like he has their best interests at heart. This is merely a tactic to get more to listen to his rantings and "have his back" when it comes to him creating trouble.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/AmiUi
COMMENTS: Acting as if anyone speaking against (or disagreeing with) him is a hater.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/xmNFQ
COMMENTS: Typical Joey Camp acting like an SOE ending early is all because of him and Chester Williams is to blame for everything.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ZXRQy
COMMENTS: Heavily implying he has an escape plan if it comes to it. Thus further implying he knows he has done wrong.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/teinQ
COMMENTS: Joey Camp pretending to play good citizen.

COMMENTS: Joey Camp is playing with fire and burning many bridges. All while slandering and defaming many people regarding him and all he's done. He's attacked Police Commissioner Clyde Chester Williams multiple times online. Alot of which he has deleted, but it's been archived.



Joey Camp has 23,000 followers on Gab.com. He's linked this on Gab. See how many views it has?


COMMENTS: For someone with 23,000 followers on Gab, acts like he is "Mr popularity" among his people, and acts like the people oh so love him... shouldn't the video have alot more views?



Joey Camp's GiveSendGo page that he is always advertising. I highly suggest NOT DONATING. To donate to Joey Camp's GiveSendGo, would be supporting his harassment of others, the trouble he causes, and funding any and all criminal acts he commits when he committs them.



COMMENTS: For someone that keeps giving out his GiveSendGo and has 23,000 followers on Gab... he isn't getting many donors. He doesn't work. He won't get a job. Who is behind funding him?



Joey Camp has been making lots of little mistakes lately. He's been overly bragging with claims of being part of the "mainstream media". He keeps blaming the Belize PD for his choice to knowingly spread fake news knowing it was fake. He keeps attacking police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams online. He's trying to make himself seem more powerful than he is. He's made veiled threats. He's tried to play victim. He's showing ALOT of narcissistic tendancies.

Everywhere Joey Camp goes, he burns bridges when he doesn't get his way. One day it will all catch up to him.


Some food for thought

The only reason Joey Camp is putting forth so much effort to help Jaylon Jones appear innocent and help him is so his family, which includes his (Joey Camp) wife, will be "forever greatful and in his debt". Joey Camp loves when people "owe" him. I wouldn't put it past him to hold this over the heads of Jaylon Jones's family for a long time. Considering how Joey Camp is a woman beater, I wouldn't doubt it if he used whatever he is doing (and has already done) for Jaylon Jones... to hold it over his own wife's head. Possibly use it to abuse her...if he hasn't/isn't already...

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I would say many of those 23k followers are fake, but JoeyCamp2020 does get alot of views. He gets few likes and repost compared to his following. He's a joke to more of his followers than not. That explains it.

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Joey Camp is beyond help for sure. He most definitely deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

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Joey Camp is a hideously disgusting clout chaser, a liar, a racist, and a clown. Lock the f**ker up, Belize!

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The last part is disturbing to think about. Joey Camp would forever use his in-laws if he helps Jaylon Jones get away with murder. 

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9 hours ago, CEDAvsFan said:

Joey Camp is a hideously disgusting clout chaser, a liar, a racist, and a clown. Lock the f**ker up, Belize!

You should see his vicious online gab attacks on that police commissioner.

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This is very enlightening. I think it's very possible that Joey Camp will use his helping Jaylon Jones to keep his family under his thumb. Also in the news report, why was only Joey Camp allowed to mostly speak?

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