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Joey Camp: The Energizer Bunny Of Belize



Just like the Energizer Bunny, Joey Camp keeps going and going... Only this time he's showing his extremely unhealthy obsession with the Belize police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams. He's also developing an unhealthy obsession with his attempts to affect the economy in Belize. The archives below speak volumes of my claims.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ZEDRf
COMMENTS: Joey Camp tries to make himself look and appear as a kind and understanding person giving, what he has said previously is, a big bad evil man a second chance.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/DwCRU
COMMENTS: HEAVILY implying police commissioner Chester Williams should be charged with fake news just for talking about him and his actions.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/DjccQ
COMMENTS: Mostly just posts actions that can be taken when there is a "perceived violation of the conventions" for the purpose of appearing helpful to the masses.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/EXjmf
COMMENTS: In a long drawn out way, still blaming the Belize PD for his own crime of purposely spreading fake news. A lot of distraction and deflection here since he avoids his harassment of the police the night Jaylon Jones murdered Charles James.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/3n412
COMMENTS: Simply put, Joey Camp is going on as if he is a news entity more popular than any news entity in Belize. He's working hard to try to get ANYONE to condemn the Belize PD for doing their job where he is concerned.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lrOLh
COMMENTS: Joey Camp just playing victim and acting like he is oh so important.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/h2R7W
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still trying to make himself out to be some big huge important figure. Basically just puffing up his image to appear more powerful.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/lWyzs
COMMENTS: Joey Camp brags about his viewership as if he was better than everyone else, but yet doesn't try to prove it. He's trying to give the impression he is all powerful as he is being very repetitive in multiple posts with this same claim. It's as if he is trying to get those around him to cower down and wither follow him or shut up.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/WHhnz
COMMENTS: Going on about recording an appearance of him on AONN as if it means it is some victory for him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/1BRmG
COMMENTS: SAME POST AS the one above. Double post.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SE68q
COMMENTS: Veiled threat. I can smell the butthurt of Joey Camp in this post!
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/fiWjk
COMMENTS: Sim[ly put. Joey Camp is butthurt someone of power isn't taking him serious. Temper tantrum soon to come!


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/Faqdh
COMMENTS: Just posting screenshots of things and trying to appear like some authority on all things Belize.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/IdNVM
COMMENTS: Bragging about wanting to contact all countries in the world and showing them travel advisories regarding Belize. Considering Joey Camp's recent legal troubles, this  isn't out of concern, but more or less about trying to create trouble for Belize.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SqihW
COMMENTS: Joey Camp putting one of his inlaws on parade like he's got them in his pocket and will do whatever they can for him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/uPr3u
COMMENTS: Joey Camp attacking someone's translation of his rantings by acting as if he is the corrector of all things fake news.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ah1hm
COMMENTS: Posting a screenshot of ThatDaneshGuy's shop, along with saying he should make merch too. This seems more like a "WAH WAH I will copy you and do better!".

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XLpM9
COMMENTS: Joey Camp getting cocky and pretending he isn't bothered by  the truth being pointed out.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XLpM9
COMMENTS: Joey Camp twisting the truth and trying to make it seem like it is his choice as to why he hadn't returned to the USA. He left because he caused a lot of trouble and wanted to discourage his victims from pursuing anything against someone overseas.

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/qlTPr
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still on his quest to have cost Belize as much as he can.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/7ItqA
COMMENTS: Showing himself off in a press release like it makes him some sort of big shot.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/fnGj1
COMMENTS: Joey Camp trying to play "savior of the people", despite in respite posts he is doing what he thinks will get a lot of people not to travel to Believe and cost them a lot of money in tourism. He is so back and forth.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/igcTy
COMMENTS: Joey Camp accusing someone else of fake news to deflect from his crimes.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/tKTWq
COMMENTS: Joey Camp complaining his name was spelled wrong in an article about his fake news debacle.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/JXQqy
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is now starting to try and attack those in the life of Chester Williams, Belize police commissioner.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/X1Sts
COMMENTS: Joey Camp is twisting an awareness post by the Belize PD into some huge thing acting like it means Chester Williams, the Belize PD police commissioner, is incompetent.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/7z4Qq
COMMENTS: Joey Camp attempts to make Belize PD commissioner Chester Williams look incompetent just because he hasn't been on the news in 5 days.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/OOaDW
COMMENTS: Heavy implications, if you read between the lines, that Joey Camp will advocate to have anyone in Belize charged with fake news should they speak against him or challenge him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/2aTKf
COMMENTS: Just some distraction and deflection. Whining to whine and acting like he is THE source for the people.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/s7Svn
COMMENTS: Joey Camp's open letter to piolice commissioner Chester Williams. His attempt to sound all official as if it will make him wantt o listen to him after all the vicious online attacks and slander.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/MkkdX
COMMENTS: Joey Camp back to poking at police commissioner Chester Williams just after he posts his open letter to him acting like he wants to "work things out".
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/vLSiD
COMMENTS: Trying to make a joke of the situation he has created for himself.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/YOXok
COMMENTS: Twisting facts. Wording things a particular way to get the onlookers to believe what he wants them to believe.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/dyHlF
COMMENTS: Taking something that can happen to anyone and trying to make it seem like police Commissioner Chester Williams is at fault.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/FIyEo
COMMENTS: Attempting to use one picture to aid in his quest to further slander the Belize PD.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ptblh
COMMENTS: Taking one incident and trying to create a grans conspiracy about it.


ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/TEb68
COMMENTS: The way this is said, Joey Camp is making it obvious he intends to do damage to the Belize economy.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/cIPnY
COMMENTS: All this is is Joey Camp taking bits and pieces of things and manipulating the situation. Feed an AI wrong info and what you get back may not be as honest. Another thing. How do we even know what he posted came from ChatGPT.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/VQes3
COMMENTS: Joey Camp whining because of how its said he was spreading false news. Dang, he will go after anything speaking the truth about him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/I9230
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still blaming the police in Belize for his choice to spread false news.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/gH72O
COMMENTS: Joey Camp still using what he finds online and twisting it into some grans conspiracy by the Belize PD.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XrUNt
COMMENTS: Trying to portray police commissioner Chester Williams as "shady and up to no good" just because he hasn't been all over the news in the last few days.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/i24XG
COMMENTS: So because Joey Camp claims something, it has to be true. That's the vibe I get here as he further slanders the Belize PD.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/XevSe
COMMENTS: Joey Camp making it clear he intends to twist anything said by police Commissioner Clyde Chester Williams and use it against him.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/3VGOn
COMMENTS: Now Joey Camp is trying to imply the police framed his brother in law for murder.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/SnDgf
COMMENTS: Joey Camp going on about a letter he wrote to "Committee To Protect Journalists" asking them to condemn police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams for having him arrested for his crimes.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/p8O55
COMMENTS: Joey Camp twisting the truth and trying to falsely claim his murderous brother in law, Jaylon Jones, is innocent.
ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/bb3vb
COMMENTS: Joey Camp making it clear he intends to harass and defame police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams even further.

MY COMMENTS: The obsession here is STRONG!



A few people I know have have been pointing out QUITE ALOT about Joey Camp. Very good examples below.


MY COMMENTS: Joey Camp is mostly talk and his most bold claims are being proven to be full of sh*t.




As evident by Joey Camp's behavior, he is becoming more and more unhinged. What kind of person would target a police commissioner (Clyde Chester Williams). He's being careless with numerous tales he tells. His actions are becoming more and more "telling".

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I would say that Joey Camp needs professional help, but I think he's way beyond that. No therapist can get through to him. He is hard-headed and stubborn as a pack of mules. Joey needs to be locked up away from society. We will all be better off.

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45 minutes ago, CEDAvsFan said:

I would say that Joey Camp needs professional help, but I think he's way beyond that. No therapist can get through to him. He is hard-headed and stubborn as a pack of mules. Joey needs to be locked up away from society. We will all be better off.

Send Joey Camp to Guantanamo Bay. 

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11 hours ago, Angie said:

Send Joey Camp to Guantanamo Bay. 

So tell me what Guantanamo Bay did to you?

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What you posted is more important than you know. If the police want to come after Joey Camp for his posts, you have undeniable proof of what he has said and his lies.

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