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A Tale of Two Donald Trumps (Like ONE Isn't Bad Enough)



Donald Trump:  "I'm very very rich"
Also Trump:  "I need your money to save my a**"

Donald Trump:  "Migrants commit crimes and leech off us"
Also Trump:  "I need your money to help me avoid jail for the crimes I committed"

And yet people blindly support this guy, KNOWING what he's about.

I already said my thoughts about this year's election. It's the rematch nobody wanted. Neither choice is that good, but I also said that Joe Biden is clearly the lesser of the two evils. This sh*t further proves me right. Trump's f**ked beyond recognition, yet he and his family are literally begging for us, the citizens of America, to foot the bill for his legal sh*t. He can't be f**king serious. Now, the last thing I am is political, but I severely doubt that any other presidential candidate literally beg for handouts like Trump's doing. He's supposed to be "very very rich," right? Pay for it yourself and stop trying to take money from citizens. Seriously, the Trumps are who racists falsely believe the migrants are. You NEVER see migrants beg for handouts. Hell, the homeless don't beg half as much as the Trumps are doing.

This is the same man who, in his 2016 campaign, denigrated immigrants and accused them of being criminals and leeches. Maybe he should look in the mirror. Trump's doing the exact same thing he accused immigrants of doing. Yet I'll bet money that some of his supporters will be stupid enough to donate to him, because as the late, great P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute." 


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It's not safe to vote anymore. If you're a registered voter, all your personal info is available for anyone that checks your registration.

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