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After Joey plead GUILTY to "spreading false news", he has taken it upon himself to viciously attack Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams online with slanderous and defamatory remarks. He's gone on to blame the police for his own choice in spreading fake/false news. I speak about it in the video below, which is on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


My Comments: Joey Camp keeps digging himself into some deep sh*t.



The screenshots FROM the video above are below.





As time goes on...

Joey Camp becomes more and more unhinged.

On the night of the murder of Charles James by Jaylon Jones (Joey Camp's brother in law), he kept harassing the police. He kept telling them where to and not to look; distracting and deflecting. Then there's that viral fake news broadcast, which is even more distraction and deflection. Joey Camp's behavior that night was very shady and suspicious as evidenced by his own online videos and live broadcast. He's definitely hiding something. Very likely covering something up regarding the murder that Jaylon Jones committed.

Let's not forget the NUMEROUS public online attacks upon the Belize police commissioner Chester Williams by Joey Camp.

Let's not forget to add the following to the mix... Joey Camp is now blaming the Belize Police Department for his choice to knowingly spread fake/false news.

As Joey Camp continues his online attacks upon Belize police commissioner Chester Williams, he's trying to falsely portray himself as some victim of the system that is in fear for his life. All while asking for monetary donations. The way he puts it all, he's heavily implying that police commissioner is trying to have him killed.

Joey Camp continuously posts only pieces of a situation as he puts his own spin on it; the story he wants people to believe.

What's next for Joey Camp? Hopefully time in a prison cell. He keeps playing with fire and burning bridges.

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First the police love him. Now they're out to kill him. Can Joey Anthony Camp just pick a story and stick with it?

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How Joey Camp thinks he is the victim is beyond me. He's done this before. Many times. 

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On 4/23/2024 at 7:51 PM, Philip Gipson said:

He's beyond help and needs to just be locked up for life!

Totally agree. The longer he's allowed to walk around free and clear, the less safe it is for society. LOCK HIM UP!!

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On 4/23/2024 at 12:45 AM, Cheerleader Vicky said:

Why doesn't Joey Camp get a real job instead of using twisted lies to get donations.

He's too lazy. He prefers to troll and cause trouble. 

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If Joey Camp wants to be well loved, why doesn't he get a Bengal Tiger that would love him.......for a meal. :lol4:

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