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Speaking about the bullying experiences I, and others, have endured BECAUSE OF Joseph (Joey) A Camp.

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Joey Camp: The Energizer Bunny Of Belize

Just like the Energizer Bunny, Joey Camp keeps going and going... Only this time he's showing his extremely unhealthy obsession with the Belize police commissioner Clyde Chester Williams. He's also developing an unhealthy obsession with his attempts to affect the economy in Belize. The archives below speak volumes of my claims. MY COMMENTS: The obsession here is STRONG!     A few people I know have have been pointing out QUITE ALOT about Joey Camp. Very good examples below.

The Curse Of Belize (aka. Joey Camp)

Joey Camp has taken it upon himself to continuously engage in online attacks against the Belize PD police commissioner Chester Williams and the Belize PD...amongst other things. The video below gives the gist of it. (Video on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram)       Screenshot, from the video above, showing the links to multiple ARCHIVE lists.       Each and every archive from the archive lists shown above. COMMENTS: Joey Camp is playing with fire

Joey Camp Continues To Menace Belize!

After Joey plead GUILTY to "spreading false news", he has taken it upon himself to viciously attack Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams online with slanderous and defamatory remarks. He's gone on to blame the police for his own choice in spreading fake/false news. I speak about it in the video below, which is on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. My Comments: Joey Camp keeps digging himself into some deep sh*t.     The screenshots FROM the video above are below.

Joey Camp ARRESTED in Belize! AND MORE!

Thanks to "CredibleIntel of Twitter (X)", not too long ago I learned that Joey Camp had been arrested.   Of course I've spoken my thoughts under many of the tweets posted by "CredibleIntel of Twitter (X)" about the situation with Joey Camp being arrested AND about Joey Camp's brother in law, Jaylon Jones, being charged with murder. I also spoke some of my thoughts, and curiosities, in the video below (on YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram). My Comments: In simple terms, I spo

The Usual Obsessions of Joey Camp

Joey Camp is still intent on trying to shut me up via his weak intimidation tactics. One of them being bashing my looks. Another being purposely misgendering me. He's also resorting to attacking friends of mine in hopes of isolating me by scaring them off.   Gab Post: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/112045582952544636 ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/ympqX My Comments: Joey Camp continues to bash my looks and go on about saying he doesn't break the law.     Ga

Sexual Harassment On Behalf Of Joey Camp

Tonight I ended up with 3 rather aggressive people on SnapChat that approached me out of the blue. Not a coincidence this is now happening since Joey Camp began to harass me again. Now it seems that others are harassing me on behalf of Joey Camp (JoeyCamp2020 on Gab)... or these 3 below could be him.   "Sendnud2007" of SnapChat approaches me at random as if I spoke to him before as he keeps encouraging me to unalive myself. My Comments: Someone I never spoke to got really nasty

The Saga Of Joey Camp Continues...

Joey Camp continues his harassment of me in an attempt to silence me from speaking up about what he has put me through so far, and is now.   Gab Post: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/112003887756984255 ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/fONeJ My Comments: In simple terms, Joey Camp is trying to make it look like I am on some crusade against him over him fat shaming me. He attempts to play innocent as if he honestly doesn't know if I am male or female. that's his way of implyin

Attempt To Intimidate To Silence via Victim Blaming, Fat Shaming, and Misgendering

And the shaming by Joey Camp continues. While going extra hard on the fat shaming, he's also attempting to fault me for his abuse of me.   The videos below give the gist of it. (Same one on TikTok and Instagram as on YouTube in each section)     The 3 below "quotes"... Each is dedicated to a recent post by JoeyCamp2020 on Gab about me slandering, defaming, fat shaming, and victim blaming me.     In each post, and ones prior, Joey Camp attem

Joey A Camp: Striking Again

Not much has happened since I last spoke of how the massive bullying against me began, what transpired because of it, and other things pertaining to it. But I have done alot of thinking. What got me thinking was looking at the Twitter(X) timeline for "CredibleIntel". Especially the posts about Joey Camp. by evidence of what he was showing, it's been made obvious that Joey Camp isn't just living his life and trying to rebuild (or rebrand). He's still the same troublemaker. I've also recently deci

When Mean Girls Attack...

Another casualty of the bullying I've been through since 2015 is on some RARE occasions if someone doesn't like what someone I speak with says, one of 2 things happen. 1) I get hassled to tell them to STFU. Sometimes they dig into me and link the iron troll blogs to me threatening to put them back out there. Luckily each Twitter(X) account that has done that, has been suspended. 2) The one I'm acquainted with gets accused of being me and the IronTroll blogs are linked. Words are said t

When A Bully Resurfaces: SheSharpShoots of Twitter(X)

After some YEARS, a particularly vicious bully has re-surfaced. For a little background, watch my YouTube about it.   Now that's you're caught up... Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] got blocked immediately after. I wasn't going to apologize to her. Why should I? She mentally abused me off and on for years in many ways. Apologizing to this abuser/bully would be like saying what she did to me was okay... 1) Lying about me. 2) Spreading rumors about me as

Addressing The Claims Made By "Zile" of IronTroll(.com)

(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 9/18/2023) Some may not believe this, but I have been oblivious to some things mentioned/claimed by "ZileAndBea" (aka the owner of irontroll.com) from 2017-2020. I shall address them here. Please keep in mind that he was falsely and grossly mislead by Vincenza, Vincenza's friends, and Joey A Camp regarding me. Those people have made profiles trying to be me and profiles in which they would claim I've said and done things I would never say or do.  

Portions Of Harassment From, And Because Of, Vincenza And Her Friends

(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 9/12/2023) Up until now I have chosen to tell my story by showing the effect particular bullying has had on my life. What I am about to show is bullying by, and because of, Vincenza when I was brave enough to break away from that abusive group. Along with some bullying prior.   The Archive: https://archive.ph/KxorM In this series of tweets, these people attack a Twitter user that's befriended me despite lies told about me. "Evsmom" (frien

The Joey A Camp Factor?

(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 2/25/2023) Recently I was contacted via Twitter DM by a couple of people regarding Joey A Camp. At first I was wondering how they would know I interacted with him long ago. Mostly in 2015 with the little interaction we had. Then I realized the same picture on this blog of me is the same I use on my Twitter page.   I have been asked not mention either of them by name "out of fear of retaliation and harassment" from Joey A Camp. One of them has

Addressing the "IronTroll" Blogs About Me

(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 11/16/2022) I would like to take some time to address the blogs on irontroll.com about me. There are 2 sides to every story. The blogs about me on irontroll.com is one side. Now I'll tell my side.   When I do a search on IronTroll for my full name, I see this. Archive: https://archive.ph/GDbJq Of course there are other blogs where I am mentioned that don't show here, but I'll address those later in this blog.     First

The Bullying That's Greatly Affected My Life

(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 7/25/2022) My name is Glen Miley Collier. I have autism. Those who truly know me know that I'm a good, decent, honest, respectful, and very patient person.   Due to the actions of one "Vincenza", a disbarred attorney from New Jersey, various friends of hers, and Joey A Camp.....some random people have been lead to believe some horrible and very untrue things about me. They've (Vincenza, some of her friends, and Joey A Camp) attacked and harass
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