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Patricia Silva LIED! There was no naked child in the locker room!

Alexa M



I joined here when my friend @CEDAvsFan recommended it. A blog I read so struck an interest to me. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop until I finished. I shared this blog on so many places on Facebook.



It isn't right what Patricia "liar" Silva is doing to Planet Fitness just because she so hates the transgender community!


I wasn't gonna write a blog, but I so decided to when I saw this. It so made me feel good to see that someone from Planet Fitness taking a stand!




In one of the places I made a post about that blog above I read, someone replied. So much insight!




This right here so makes Patricia Silva look like the liar she is! Caroline points out something very important. See how Patricia Silva reacts? She changes her story. Now she says the child looked 12. So much deflection at the end! I believe Caroline is right. So are others. She has a point. Nothing has been heard from that child or their parents.




I see that my friend @CEDAvsFan so made so many good points with the screenshots I sent him.




I so think that Planet Fitness should sue Patricia Silva for her lying! She lied about her ban reason. She's lied about a naked child. Planet Fitness should also press charges. An example needs to be made of her and those like her that lie on such a grand level!

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As time goes by and there's nothing from the parents of this child, more will wonder if she was even real.

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4 hours ago, Lucy Bradford said:

As time goes by and there's nothing from the parents of this child, more will wonder if she was even real.

I edited and fixed that typo as you requested. 

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Patricia Silva's response to Caroline is very damning on her (Patricia). The cagey reply only make her look more like the liar she is for lying about a child being in that locker room. 

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