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(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 2/25/2023)

Recently I was contacted via Twitter DM by a couple of people regarding Joey A Camp. At first I was wondering how they would know I interacted with him long ago. Mostly in 2015 with the little interaction we had. Then I realized the same picture on this blog of me is the same I use on my Twitter page.


I have been asked not mention either of them by name "out of fear of retaliation and harassment" from Joey A Camp. One of them has a family he wants protect. The other is a young college girl. I won't get into specifics as to what they said because I don't want to risk them being identified and harassed. But after listening to both, it has me wondering.....ALOT.


When I think about the social media profiles pretending to be me and ones claiming I did and said things I never would.....I can't help but wonder how many of them could have been Joey A Camp. Some of them, a small number did not seem like Vincenza or her friends. Back then I just assumed maybe those were done by people who believe Vincenza and her friends thinking they were having their back. But now, I do wonder if some of those were Joey A Camp because I didn't get suckered into his harassment campaign against others.


I've had the chance to look over alot. Apparently it has been said by some that I used multiple Twitter profiles to help Joey A Camp in his harassment campaigns. I never did such a thing. He's approached me to report that woman he said was stalking him. I never reported her. I only said I did to shut him up. We've all said something to someone to shut them up at some point in our lives.


In the beginning, when I knew Joey A Camp, all I did was like some tweets that involved his travels and mention the weather in some areas. That is in no way harassment of others and is in no way participating in some harassment campaign. It also doesn't mean I've helped him harass others.


I've seen his Gab page (JoeyCamp2020) and his Twitter (daneshnoshirvan) page. I've even seen the Twitter page in which he impersonates Bullyville. The real Bullyville Twitter page is "RealBullyville". The Twitter page Joey A Camp is using to impersonate Bullyville is "bullyviIIe". He uses that account to falsely portray the Bullyville owner as a pedophile. Joey A Camp also falsely claims he owns revenge porn sites. He (Bullyville owner) only bought Hunter Moore's site to take it down. Cheaterville was never a revenge porn site. In looking at the bio of the impersonation Twitter, it reminded me of the Twitter profiles I knew about that impersonated me. The ones that seemed like Vincenza and her friends weren't behind had the same vibe as the Bullyville impersonation account. Vincenza, her friends (mostly Sharon and Suzi) were still behind many of the Twitter accounts made to impersonate me and ones made to make fun of me.


Since I talked to those 2 people, I have thought about every account that has ever impersonated me. I've thought about every account that has claimed to have interacted with me, but hasn't. I've thought about ever account making claims about me to gaslight others. I've thought about every account that's passed around photoshopped images that made it seem like I said and did things I never would. I thought about every account made, that has harassed others pretending to be me. Many of them did a poor job. Many were sloppy. Those are the ones I firmly believe were created and/or operated by Joey A Camp. The ones that played it more carefully were likely Vincenza and her friends.


When I think about all this and how my bullying truly started, I now think about Joey A Camp. If I never met him, I wouldn't have gone through what I have. If I never met him, I wouldn't have been bothered by people about him. I also wouldn't have been bothered by him to help him in his quests to silence those he claimed were stalking him.


While Vincenza and her friends are guilty of alot, Joey A Camp made matters worse. My guess is he didn't like that I wasn't going to help him in HIS harassment campaigns. So his way of reacting was to try and hurt me, but to do so carefully so all the blame would fall on me or someone else.


In getting a real good look at all that Joey A Camp is guilty of, I have no doubt he was behind many of the profiles pretending to be me and many of the profiles attacking others and acting as if it was on my behalf. This, on top of all Vincenza and her friends have pulled is what lead to those Irontroll blogs about me.


Joey A Camp is what got all the bullying against me started. He IS what got it started. Because of him getting it started, those Irontroll blogs about me are up for all to see and easily found by those Googling my name. I get wrongly judged and dismissed by majority of people I get to know. All because of what Joey A Camp started.


Despite Joey A Camp's role in all of this, I don't hold a grudge. I'm not going to retaliate. If I did, then I would only make myself look as if I am what he, Vincenza, and Vincenza's friends have portrayed me to be.

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I remember Joey Camp. He's a little b*st**d. He is the one that caused all the bullying against you to happen with all he did.

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Joey Camp, I remember him. After you blocked him, he tried to get me to get you to unblock him. I told him to go to hell before I added him to my block list.

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I did some quick research. He is an obsessive troll. He is obsessed with some CredibleIntel person on Twitter. He's also obsessed with the Bullyville man.

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13 hours ago, Simian Pathetica said:

I did some quick research. He is an obsessive troll. He is obsessed with some CredibleIntel person on Twitter. He's also obsessed with the Bullyville man.

Joey is psychologically disturbed. I don't see how any sane person can see him as anything more than some cowardly troll. That's why I enjoy looking at CI's occasional call out about him.

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1 hour ago, Philip Gipson said:

I say that Joey A. Camp is his own worst enemy. He needs to be properly committed to an asylum.

I would suggest Arkham Asylum, but what did its inhabitants do to deserve him. 

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