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Addressing The Claims Made By "Zile" of IronTroll(.com)



(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 9/18/2023)

Some may not believe this, but I have been oblivious to some things mentioned/claimed by "ZileAndBea" (aka the owner of irontroll.com) from 2017-2020. I shall address them here. Please keep in mind that he was falsely and grossly mislead by Vincenza, Vincenza's friends, and Joey A Camp regarding me. Those people have made profiles trying to be me and profiles in which they would claim I've said and done things I would never say or do.



I think I will start with what "ZileAndBea" has said about me and the Maria Lauterbach tribute page I once had up on MySpace.

The Archive: https://archive.ph/DBY5O

The Archive: https://archive.ph/kYyGX

The Archive: https://archive.ph/spFzr

The Archive: https://archive.ph/3wZVX

When "ZileAndBea" is talking about the Maria Lauterbach page I had up and his claims I took part of it down... I never claimed the cops took part of it down. The only way the police would is if there was threats to someone's life or something on it was a danger to others.

In the 2nd tweet by "ZileAndBea", he speaks as if the Jacksonville he is talking about is Jacksonville, Florida since, as of that tweet, I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. Nope! The Jacksonville I was in at the time I created the Maria Lauterbach memorial page was in North Carolina. Oops!

In the 3rd tweet "ZileAndBea" claims I faked the death threats from 2 marines that I received when I operated that memorial page. The way he's saying I faked those death threats, he says it like it is a proven fact. When something is said like this it is to get more people to believing what is said. Also in the 3rd tweet, a friend of mine defends me. "ZileAndBea" tried to make it seem as if it is me on another profile.

About the 4th tweet. I never got "busted" for faking death threats. Those are just twisted words twisting the truth.


This is a copy and paste of a news article that was up regarding the death threats I received.

The Archive: https://archive.ph/r8mqk

There is one line in particular that I want to address.

"The section of the memorial site with the posts under investigation has been removed from the Web. Collier said she did not take the posts down but was informed by law-enforcement officials that portion of her site might be temporarily taken down during the investigation."

See! I never said the cops took down portions of the memorial site for Maria Lauterbach. I said I was told portions of it might be. The police officer that told me portions might be is if people report the death threats by those 2 marines and if MySpace took them down or chose to hide them temporarily. Somehow that got twisted by "ZileAndBea" to me faking everything and this means I have some sordid history of faking things against people.


This tweet came out of nowhere.

The Archive: https://archive.ph/bXAqN

When I saw it, I blocked him. I was trying to live my life and wanted to push away the negativity. Considering the blogs written about me, I felt no good would have come of responding.


Here I will address some tweets by "ZileAndBea" to "l00zahsuzy".

The Archive: https://archive.ph/Z9OLI

The Archive: https://archive.ph/cvvDj

The Archive: https://archive.ph/spFzr

The Archive: https://archive.ph/THPXJ

"ZileAndBea" speaks to "l00zahsuzy" as if he is sure it is me. It is not. He speaks to them as if it is fact that I am so psychotic that I will engage in pointless rants to claim a sock isn't me. As I previously said, "l00zahsuzy" is not me. I am unsure who it is or what they said since that profile is now suspended. Likely it is someone pretending to be me.


Now I will address the claims by "ZileAndBea" in which he claims I am using some kind of service to massively retweet him.

The Archive: https://archive.ph/fwqM0

The Archive: https://archive.ph/Iqd14

The Archive: https://archive.ph/NayKs

The Archive: https://archive.ph/LwrA3

The Archive: https://archive.ph/Pomzt

The Archive: https://archive.ph/9cVME

The Archive: https://archive.ph/kntPV

The Archive: https://archive.ph/Hj15b

"ZileAndBea" spends time in a series of tweets blaming me for a large number of retweets and likes he received. He did so in a way like he is sure it is me. It wasn't. I don't spend time on sites to get anyone or myself retweets and likes. I prefer authentic engagement.


A Twitter profile that "ZileAndBea" claims is me.

The Archive: https://archive.ph/j9HC0

I remember the profile shown here. It was never me. It was a spare account made and managed by Vincenza's friend Brandon K.


Addressing the tagless rants towards and about me by "ZileAndBea".

The Archive: https://archive.ph/r0fUn

The Archive: https://archive.ph/XHxD4

The Archive: https://archive.ph/cR8Vx

The Archive: https://archive.ph/9hbyn

The Archive: https://archive.ph/2fv4M

Regarding the first tweet, "ZileAndBea" states that he's blocked me like I am guilty of trolling his timeline and messing with him. I've never went after him, but he's been quick to claim I did when it was someone pretending to be me.

In the 2nd tweet, it gets cruel. "ZileAndBea" tries to claim my former friend Carl is imaginary. Same about Shawn. He also claims I made up rape threats! That is something I'd never do. Those who know me know how against "lying about rape" I am and how I think anyone proven (without a doubt) to have lied about it, should get the same amount of time as one committing the crime. I also never confessed to anything. That supposed apology pastebin where it's claimed I admit to this and that, was not done by me. But yet "ZileAndBea" and others are acting as if it is, beyond a doubt.

In the 3rd tweet, "ZileAndBea" claims I've posted his personal info and had it retweeted. That's something I would never do to another person. He just says it. No proof is shown. He could have shown said proof and censored out identifying information. But he didn't.

Regarding the 4th one, I never had 1800 tweets sent to "ZileAndBea" timeline on Twitter.

Now about the 5th tweet. "ZileAndBea" posts a screenshot of supposed conversation between me and a friend of mine while claiming it's all me and that I'm talking to myself. That supposed conversation never happened. It was photoshopped. It doesn't take a genius to notice. See how the coloring is different?



In Summary...

I keep telling myself that "ZileAndBea" had said all he has, and done all he has, regarding me because he was badly mislead by Vincenza, Vincenza's friends, and Joey A Camp. While he has been mislead, he's not once tried to actually talk to the real me except for trying to antagonize me. Times he's accused others of being me, doesn't count as talking to me. He hasn't tried to know the real me. He's gone on as if I have terrorized and victimized him in some huge way. One day I hope he opens his eyes and realizes how wrong he was in his assumptions about me, but I won't hold my breath. I don't wish him any ill will. I just wish he knew the difference between what is real and what is fake.

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The Irontroll Zile was a victim of Vincenza at some point, but he is also a bully. A cruel one at that. Look at the level of harassment he has done.

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You are too understanding than this overgrown troll deserves. He may be a victim of this Vincenza, but he is also a bully. Look at what he did to you.

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I looked over all of your blogs. I've looked over irontroll.com. 


The idea I get is someone went after him hard either as you or pretending to at your request. They angered him to the point that these blogs came about and the tweets. He has an impression of you in his mind. It's not his fault. It's Joey Camp's fault. It's also that Vinnie Spina's fault. 


I researched both Joey Camp and Vinnie Spina. They are vicious people with vile friends. The way they operate is they often get their friends to do for them what they want done.


I think it's good you're speaking about everything now.

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