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Addressing the "IronTroll" Blogs About Me



(Originally posted on my Wordpress on 11/16/2022)

I would like to take some time to address the blogs on irontroll.com about me. There are 2 sides to every story. The blogs about me on irontroll.com is one side. Now I'll tell my side.


When I do a search on IronTroll for my full name, I see this.

Archive: https://archive.ph/GDbJq

Of course there are other blogs where I am mentioned that don't show here, but I'll address those later in this blog.



First, I'll start by addressing the basic page about me.

Archive: https://archive.ph/1EFd1

It starts off with the claim that I have a supposed "long history" of harassing people. The only reason I do is because of Vincenza, possibly Joey A Camp, some of Vincenza's friends, and some associated with them making profiles pretending to be me. Sometimes those pretending to be me would attack the IronTroll website owner and others. Sometimes random people.

I ended up getting attacked on my real Twitter profile by people accusing me of things I would never say or do and accusing me of being Twitter accounts I never was. I always reported every profile that came at me and never engaged.

It's next said that I spend alot of time on role playing games and try to live out those fantasies by creating multiple Twitter profiles to talk to myself. For one, I do not have many Twitter profiles. Just a couple (2). One for my normal social media. Another for my cats.

I do not , and never have, used multiple Twitter accounts to hold conversations with myself. There's better things to do with my time.

I am also falsely accused of doxxing a 7 year old child. I would never do something like that to a child. Also, if I did something like that, I'd have a criminal record. If I was truly guilty of that, why didn't the mother file charges or a restraining order?

I'm also accused of calling the police to report someone as a terrorist regarding that one Orlando tragedy at that club. I never did such a thing. Only a malicious person would do such a thing to an innocent person. If I was guilty of falsely reporting someone as a terrorist, I'd have been charged and there would be a record. There is none.

Some anonymous commenter acts as if the horrible way I am portrayed is how I am. That is very far from the truth. I don't have multiple accounts I use to talk to myself. The sad truth is that whenever friends of mine would stand up for me and vouch for me, they often got accused of being me.

One way to hurt a bully victim is to accuse them of being those that defend them. The purpose of this maneuver is to make them look unstable. Also to help decrease the number of those standing up for them by either getting them to go away and/or shun the victim. It is my strong belief that Vincenza, or one of her friends, on a fake profile is what started the rumor that I have multiple profiles I use to talk to myself. Sometimes Joey A Camp came to mind as well.



Now I'll address the blog titled "Disbarred New Jersey Attorney Solicited Forged Tweets".

Archive: https://archive.ph/fekKq

The first part about me is saying I should stick with imaginary friends. This is a jab at the horrible rumors that I have multiple profiles I use to talk to myself.

When it was mentioned I had the original post taken down. I only filed a complaint with Google, the host at the time. I was aware of it for awhile before I filed the complaint. I originally wasn't going to. I only did after I kept getting attacked online because of it.

Then there is a copy and paste of what was supposedly in a Pastebin. As to if the copy and paste was a part of a Pastebin at one point, I do not know. But what I do know is it wasn't written by me or my former friend Carl.

Judging by the entire copy and paste of the supposed Pastebin, it was likely typed up by someone Vincenza convinced to do it. In it this phony speaks of my appendix rupturing. Odd. Last I checked, I still have my appendix. The entire thing was all over the place. I also NEVER had the chicken pox. Not even as a kid. I've also never had a heart attack. Not even a mild one. This supposed pastebin apology was obviously written by Vincenza or someone known to her that chose to make assumptions. It also could have possibly been written by Joey A Camp.



Now to address the blog titled "New Jersey Attorney Disbarred; September, 2008".

Archive: https://archive.ph/ZOUCt

Not much to say about this one. I am mentioned once and it pokes fun at me for even knowing Vincenza.



Addressing the blog "A Conversation With Miley And Her Friends"

Archive: https://archive.ph/chjOB

The first paragraph starts with some sarcasm. I never created harassment websites. I never doxxed anyone. I never did anything to justify the possibility of being named in a lawsuit. I also never forged any tweets. It was all Vincenza and some associated with her that created profiles pretending to be me. Possibly Joey A Camp. I say possibly because I do have some doubts. A long time later, I realized that Vincenza was not a woman named Antonella like she claimed that is falsely being accused of being Vincenza. I also learned that she and her friends Sharon (aka sometimes known as "Shax" in some form) and Brandon were the ones that were mostly behind the fake profiles pretending to be me. Sometimes their friend Suzi helped them out.

The part where it says I am "well known" for creating sock puppets (extra Twitter accounts) is a false impression given by Vincenza, her friends, and possibly Joey A Camp pretending to be me on multiple profiles.

Where it talks about Shawn and his brother. I never said they were first responders during 9/11/2001. Shawn's brother Rick is dead. But that was of a heart attack back in the mid 2010s. Also Shawn didn't have his left arm amputated because of 9/11/2001 or on 9/11/2001. It was back in the mid 2010s awhile after his brother died. Shawn, also never killed himself. That was his other brother who lived with his father in Australia. The false impression regarding them all was thanks to Vincenza, her friends, and possibly Joey A Camp.

Where my old online name is mentioned "Dark Heart Angel", that was the display name I had on Twitter. The actual username was "DarkHeartAngel3". While using that name I learned a valuable lesson. That lesson being, be careful when changing Twitter username. When I changed it, someone (likely Vincenza, Brandon, Suzi, Sharon/Shax, or maybe Joey A Camp) created a profile with the same username I just ditched. Same thing happened to Shawn when he ditched "Thor541". It shocks me as to why no one questioned how Shawn's account creation date changed from mid 2015 to May 2011. Easy explanation. Someone changed their throwaway account to his old account name. The account still exists, but it's obviously been abandoned. Whomever (Vincenza, Brandon, Suzi, Sharon/Shax, or maybe Joey A Camp) made the account with my old "DarkHeartAngel3" name went too far with it and got it suspended. My former friend Carl simply ditched (deactivated for more than 30 days) his account and didn't make another one. Sadly someone created an account with his old username and stirred some trouble.

Looking at this copy and paste of the Twitter DM, it's hard to tell Which one of Vincenza's friends were pretending to be me, Shawn, and who stole Carl's Twitter.

One mistake made by the person pretending to be Shawn was the real Shawn never referred to me as "My sweet Miley" and never spoke in all caps. Also the talk of me being suicidal.....I was never suicidal over all the bullying. Vincenza and her bunch assumed I would be and said things based on their assumptions.



Now to touch on the blog titled "Miley And Vinnie, PasteBin Apology; 2015"

Archive: https://archive.ph/lKExB

This is just a reposting of the claimed Pastebin apology in the blog titled "Disbarred New Jersey Attorney Solicited Forged Tweets". But the text beforehand is different.

Here it makes it look like being a gamer is some bad thing and that being a gamer means I'm addicted to fantasy games. If I was addicted to gaming of the level claimed here, I'd be putting aside friends and personal hygiene to game. I'd be neglecting my cat Dakota and her health if I was addicted to gaming on the level claimed here.

I also do not have "numerous blogs". At the time this was going on and I thought Vincenza was a woman named Antonella, all I did was occasionally tweet with her about subjects not related to whatever fight I thought others pulled her in, but later turned out to be fights she started. She never liked it when I would avoid talking about 9riest or Zile or others they knew. I was just trying to go on with my life. I was trying to show her I could be a friend, but at the same time, I won't be pulled into what she has going on. Apparently that got twisted to me thinking I'm some superhero and so addicted to fantasy games that I have alot of "sock puppets" on Twitter.



Now for "Catch 22; Brandon And Wacky Jets Miley".

Archive: https://archive.ph/32Pg3

Brandon making fun of me is no surprise. I had no idea about this until this blog was passed around and screenshots were DMed to me. At that point I began to think ALOT and if what Vincenza told me about Zile was true or if he was a victim of hers telling his story while being falsely lead to believe things about me that were not true. At that point was when I made the choice to slowly pull away from Vincenza. Delay replying. Reply only if necessary. Eventually communications would cease altogether.



Now for the "Siggys Publicist Served With Cease And Desist" blog

Archive: https://archive.ph/uBKOI

I'm only mentioned near the bottom with a bunch of Twitter accounts that aren't and never have been me except 1. I abandoned "SamusAran2020" back in 2019. A couple of those accounts, I have no clue who they are. A few of those accounts were friends of mine that have either changed their handles or left Twitter just so they wouldn't have to deal with any of this. I don't blame them.



Now to touch on the blog titled "Miley Apologizes To CityOf Flint; 2016"

Archive: https://archive.ph/3Sest

Again I'm painted as having all these imaginary friends. If this copy and paste existed somewhere, it was definitely not written by me.



Now to touch base on the blog "Another Cease And Desist Order Delivered To Siggy’s Publicist"

Archive: https://archive.ph/ZWMxR

I am only mentioned once here as being "social engineered" by Brandon to write complaints. The only complaints I did write against Zile was whenever a blog was written that was posted with stuff about me that wasn't true and painted me as some sort of terrible person out of my character. I was never guilty of anything I was accused of. The horrible way I was portrayed was courtesy of Vincenza, her friends, and possibly Joey A Camp.



Touching on the blog "Miley And Friends, Part 1; October 2015"

Archive: https://archive.ph/UxsKz

Dang that was long. Looks like I have alot to tackle.

First, Whenever I shortened my first name "Glen", it was NEVER to Len. On Facebook, I never use chat with anyone I don't know and haven't for awhile.

The person who I supposedly had the conversation with had their part of the conversation remove to "protect their identity". Well, why not just replace their name with "-REDACTED-"?

Regarding "Jo Jo Camp", he is just someone I occasionally interacted with regarding the weather in some areas and I got several DMs about him wanting me to help report this woman he said was stalking him. As previously said, I never reported this woman on Twitter. I only said I did to shut him up.

I also do not have a cousin named Alexa. I never had an account on Twitter called "SacriLegends".

The supposed giving of info on friends. The info given here.....All of it is false. Whomever pretended to be me, did a very poor job.

Back when this supposedly took place, I wasn't into playing World Of Warcraft. I talked about it. But I wasn't playing it. I quit in May 2011.

The name "DerWilleZurMacht" was never the name of a Zetaboards forums I ran then. I also never spoke with this Marcie person. While I do make spelling, grammatical, and typo errors.....I don't make as many that was in this whole copy and paste of this supposed Facebook conversation. There is many others mentioned, supposedly by me, that I never knew or associated with.....but Vincenza and those she knew were.

I never had a mild heart attack. I also have never referred to this McGibney person as "McGiblets". The only person I knew of, at that time, that referred to this McGibney as "McGiblets" was Joey A Camp. The info on "Patricia" was false. It wasn't 200mph. It was 215mph.

Also Marcie never sent a topless pic to Shawn. She did try to send one to me. I never responded. I only blocked her. I also don't refer to a dentist as Satan. Jokingly simply as "the devil", but not Satan. Also I have ALOT more than 3 natural teeth in my mouth.

I never talked to Marcie on the phone. Shawn's brother Rick never tried to manipulate me for anything when I did know him. I did not meet Shawn when I was 6. I was 16 and it was when I was rollerblading through his neighborhood.

Shawn has never been to New York City. So how could he have been in the twin towers or close?

As of the moment of this supposed conversation, only 2 people knew how my baby, that I put up for adoption, was conceived (unreported rape): Vincenza and Sharon/Shax.

The video linked in this supposed conversation was not made by me or anyone I know.



Now for the blog "Miley And Friends Part 2; October 2015"

Archive: https://archive.ph/wEgJr

This is the supposed rest of the supposed Facebook conversation I had with someone. As I previously said, I never shortened my first legal name to Len. It's all very much peddling the same BS as above. Also, as I said above, why completely remove the other person speaking to protect their identity? Why not just put "REDACTED" in place of their name?



Now about blog "Zile Ohai; Iron Troll 2015!"

Archive: https://archive.ph/norSY

The only mention about me here is when he refers to me as a sociopath. Sociopaths are unfeeling and cruel people. Those who have taken the time to know me, know I am a good, kind, decent, honest, and empathetic person.



Now about the blog "BREAKING: I Am Not Dead"

Archive: https://archive.ph/YkN9e

I remember Kathy. She was someone I thought was a victim of bullying like me that was misjudged. But I began to question that when she kept trying to involve me in whatever fights and argument she had going. She frequently asked if I would be willing to testify for her if she went after Zile legally and I could really help her case and without me she wouldn't have one. She hated it when I either didn't answer or asked to be kept out of it. She tried to use me to go after others and hated it when I'd brush her off. Eventually she began to lash out at me. But that was long after this blog by Zile and that's another blog for another day. Kathy attempted to use my situation to her advantage.

But regarding this blog, I am getting the impression that Kathy was hoping to antagonize Zile so he'd come after me in hopes I'd be so desperate for relief I'd go to her.




The effect it's had on me

I've mentioned some of the effects this has had on me.

Last few times I tried dating, it doesn't last. Last 3 times, I was shown the IronTroll blogs. 2 of the people said they didn't want anything to do with a horrible person like me. 1 of them said that while they see I am being massively trolled, they don't want to risk getting attacked too.

I was around 165lbs when this all started. The shaming, doxxing (by 9riest), the sharing of the links leading to my personal info and the IronTroll blogs by friends of 9riest, and the photoshopping of my head on naked bodies by those that took these blogs seriously.....has effected me to the point that I began to gain a huge amount of weight. I stopped going to the gym because of the dirty looks I would get. I stopped walking around the neighborhood. I can't go to Church because of the few that have seen them. I've been stalked and harassed online to the extent it's hard to live my life beyond the inside of my home. I've binged eaten to drown the hurt. The heaviest I got up to was 275.

Despite how all this has effected me, I've never once been suicidal.


In closing.....

The way Zile reacted about me and regarding me in the blogs is him reacting to how I was falsely portrayed by Vincenza, her friends, and possibly Joey A Camp. Mostly Sharon and Suzi, whom were behind many fake profiles pretending to be me.

I could stay mad or hold a grudge, but I'm not. Like me, he was a victim of Vincenza.

WELL..... I've touched upon all blogs about me on irontroll.com that I could find. I would have spoken my piece alot sooner, but I wanted to let the dust settle from all the damage Vincenza, her friends, and possibly Joey A Camp have done. I said all I'm going to say about the blogs about me. So subject closed on that.

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Zileohai, Iron Troll operator, knows you didn't dox a child. He had a page up where he showed proof that it was Marcie Wogan . He showed screenshots of her site, but blocked out personally identifying information. Shortly after it vanished, he began to falsely accuse you.


I think Zileohai knows he is wrong about you, but totally doesn't want to admit it. So he said and did whatever to make himself look right rather than be embarrassed for being known as wrong.

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It's good to see that you're blogging about this. Staying quiet only allows others to see the bullys' side.

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I am so angry that people exist who cause this much anguish to others! Good for you for standing up to horrible motherf**kers like that Irontroll b***h! Irontroll should be arrested! This type of bullying has to be illegal!

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On 11/30/2023 at 12:03 AM, Claire Redfield said:

Irontroll should be ashamed of itself! The person who runs it should remove you from his site. He/she is wrong and knows it!

People like him will never remove material about their targets as long as it gets their blog attention.

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On 12/26/2023 at 1:00 AM, Naughty Santa said:

People like him will never remove material about their targets as long as it gets their blog attention.

If he has any humanity left in him, he will.

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