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Attempt To Intimidate To Silence via Victim Blaming, Fat Shaming, and Misgendering



And the shaming by Joey Camp continues. While going extra hard on the fat shaming, he's also attempting to fault me for his abuse of me.


The videos below give the gist of it.

(Same one on TikTok and Instagram as on YouTube in each section)




The 3 below "quotes"... Each is dedicated to a recent post by JoeyCamp2020 on Gab about me slandering, defaming, fat shaming, and victim blaming me.




In each post, and ones prior, Joey Camp attempts to make himself out to be the victim; like I wronged him. He tries to justify his abuse of me by saying he isn't altering my content and only adding commentary. He crosses some serious lines when he purposely misgenders me, fat shames me, encourages vile comments about me, and tries to silence me from speaking up. The way Joey Camp has acted proves he is no victim, but doing a very poor job at pretending to be. Victims don't behave the way Joey Camp treats me.


Below I will highlight some of the comments from the about post that Joey Camp has encouraged.




It's mostly comments bashing my looks, but one of Johnny Luke's comments was sexually violent in nature.


Some might say it's just him saying I am ugly. If it was just a plainly said "...wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole", then that's what it would be. But see how he went into detail? Comments like this is what Joey Camp is encouraging because I choose to speak up about the bullying he got started against me and I refuse to be scared offline by him or his friends. He's tried to dress this as opinions, thoughts, and comments. But it is more than that. So many of these people cross alot of lines. By him trying to make like of comments that go too far, it say alot about him. ALOT.



Joey Camp keeps trying to justify his abuse of me. Saying he's just adding commentary is his worst attempt yet. Fat shaming, intentional misgendering, veiled threats, attempts to silence are all signs he is most definitely not the victim he portrays himself to be.The only people that can't/won't/don't see that, are those just like him. And that's not good.

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You have nothing to worry about. You are nothing like how this Joey Camp portrays you to be. You are kind, beautiful, and quite intelligent. Joey is the one who has the problems. It is plainly obvious

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The only reason Joey A Camp is being this way with you is because he is afraid people will believe you. Otherwise he wouldn't be so obsessive.

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Joey Camp I so weak minded, hateful and pathetic. He makes fun of you, but look at him. He is balding. His hair is thinning. He's a liar, a bully, a thief, an abuser, a criminal. 


You are so much better than him.

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Joey Camp is intimidated by your ability to articulate your thoughts without using curse words and insults.


He lacks the intellectual ability you have, and that makes him feel insecure, so he lashes out like a bully. 

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