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When A Bully Resurfaces: SheSharpShoots of Twitter(X)



After some YEARS, a particularly vicious bully has re-surfaced. For a little background, watch my YouTube about it.


Now that's you're caught up...

Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] got blocked immediately after. I wasn't going to apologize to her. Why should I? She mentally abused me off and on for years in many ways. Apologizing to this abuser/bully would be like saying what she did to me was okay...

1) Lying about me.

2) Spreading rumors about me as if they were fact.

3) Threatened me.

4) Tried to bully me offline.

5) Falsely accused people I know of being me so as to make her claims of me being "unstable with having multiple profiles" look more true.

6) Has swatted me. Sent police to my home claiming I was suicidal. They quickly realized I was not.

7) Had harassed some defending me in order to scare them off and isolate me.

8) Falsely claimed I'm a bully despite there is no real proof other than what's been photoshopped (by her or others), lies told, and obviously false information spread by various obvious trolls.

The list goes on...



In the past when she would be quiet about me, I would get nasty tweets from random people accusing me of being an abuser. That's why 3 particular tweets to me yesterday stood out.

All 3 tweets shown and archived here: https://archive.ph/ouZmN

To most people it would just be Johnny Depp fans lashing out at an Amber Heard supporter excited about Amber Heard's movie "In The Fire". While it is that, it is so much more. Most Johnny Depp fans just put down Amber Heard to her fans and supporters or attack the person for being a fan. These people were accusing me of being an abuser pretending to be abused/bullied. Exactly Teresa C's [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] MO.


Archive proof of Teresa C's [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] Amber Heard hate: https://archive.ph/AzIC8

Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] happens to be an extreme Amber Heard hater and a fangirl of TUG (ThatUmbrellaGuy) and his hateful content on his You Tube channel.

I wouldn't be surprised if Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] decided to use the Johnny Depp fan community to her advantage and steered them in my direction to come at me for being a fan of Amber Heard. All so I would be harassed and she could get away with trying to cause me issues. Should I suspect something and say anything... she could just go on about how "it commonly happens to those who support Amber Heard" and say whatever else to make me seem like the crazy one.



Recently I was going through some old flash drives and came upon tweets in which Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)], on her now suspended "ImDaRelzSlimSha" Twitter(X) profile, had posted screenshots of this long DM she sent me. The screenshots were taken in 2016. That DM was what she indirectly spoke of when she once said she gave me the chance to go away. She's also indirectly mentioned it in other tweets.

Archive of big DM threat: https://archive.ph/L1ehF

She basically tried (very badly) to manipulate me into thinking that DM is her way of saying she cares about me. She tried to get me to think I was engaging in "dangerous behavior". That was her manipulative way to get me to speak with her. She says this was a "private communication", but yet she's shown it during peak times when I was being bullied, harassed, and stalked. She attempts to blackmail me by saying I shouldn't show that DM to anyone. She falsely accuses me of harassing her. Also why would I reach out to her considering how abusive she's been towards and about me? She also goes on to accuse me of doing things I would never say or do. She also goes on to claim she spoke with me on the phone. I NEVER spoke with her on the phone. I don't give my phone number to anyone I barely know. Especially not someone who's bullied and harassed me to the extent she has.

Sadly, even with the screenshots I took in 2016 (and forgot I still had), I didn't catch the entire DM. But I remember it. She basically told me to "deactivate every profile" I had. She even named a few friends of mine. Particularly ones that have stuck by me and have asked her to leave me alone. People she's falsely accused me of being. My guess is she had hoped that I would get so scared and frantic I would get them to deactivate and/or leave Twitter(X). Part of me thought she hoped I would show the DM to friends in hopes those defending me would leave Twitter(X) just to spare me her abuse and abuse from others bullying me. A few did leave Twitter, but we still talk. Some have come back under names different than before. Bullies in general do similar to isolate their victims.


The hateful people she spoke of was that Vincenza and her group of friends I have spoken of in previous blogs.


When it comes to Teresa C [SheSharpShoots on Twitter(X)] voicing an opinion towards/about someone she doesn't like, she doesn't just voice her opinion. She attacks. She's done it to me, as I have more than proven. She's also done it to others.

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Good job on holding strong. Never apologize to someone when you didn't do anything wrong. Most people would have given in and apologized to her just to get her to stop the abuse.

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I remember Teresa Cramer. She wanted you offline because she only wanted people to see what lies she put out there. She did the same to a 15 year old girl that defended you.

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