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Joey A Camp: Striking Again



Not much has happened since I last spoke of how the massive bullying against me began, what transpired because of it, and other things pertaining to it. But I have done alot of thinking. What got me thinking was looking at the Twitter(X) timeline for "CredibleIntel". Especially the posts about Joey Camp. by evidence of what he was showing, it's been made obvious that Joey Camp isn't just living his life and trying to rebuild (or rebrand). He's still the same troublemaker. I've also recently decided to start replying to tweets about Joey Camp by "CredibleIntel". One of the biggest reasons is because I wanted to raise awareness regarding the trouble Joey Camp can cause. Plus part of me hoped others, that might have been affected by Joey Camp would speak up.


In retaliation for speaking up about how Joey Camp has affected my life, Joey Camp has decided to retaliate by downloading my video responses to tweets by  "CredibleIntel" and then post them on Gab for his following to make mean, crude, and vile comments. Each post (7 so far) has been archived, as has the responses. I shall tackle each one individually below.


Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111943421497440202

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/2WzWi









My Comments: Joey Camp pretends to not know me or of me as he indirectly hints he wants his following to gather up information about me as if I was some kind of threat. Those responding mostly bashed my looks and falsely claimed I don't bathe. I also get fat shamed and called all sorts of names.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111944879887857819

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/rCcco








My Comments: Basic excuses and bs from Joey Camp. He also fat shames me by calling me a whale. Deleted posts can be authenticated IF archived before they were deleted. Those commenting mostly call me a tranny and an obsessive stalker. My looks get bashed.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111960041279760291

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/hJvhY









My Comments: Joey indirectly and sarcastically implies something is wrong with me. He also fat shames me by calling me a whale. Those commenting mostly shame me acting like I'm so ugly I could be a man. My looks get bashed again. I also get fat shamed by those posting pics of whales.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111978480078630582

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/is5Gs








My Comments: Joey Camp continues to fat shame me by calling me a whale. He's falsely claims he's broken no laws. He falsely claims he doesn't break the law while using it to his advantage. One commenter says he looks forward to the day I die. Some claim I'm a stalker. One person even makes a threat regarding me. In responses to others, Joey Camp falsely claims I'm a stalker while fat shaming me. Another commenter adds some dramatics by claiming I am crazy and he needs a restraining order against me. Several commenters call me a dude as they try to go along with commenters from previous posts that implied I'm so ugly I'm a man.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111981765095562348

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/UekKu





My Comments: Joey Camp fat shames me as he falsely claims that James McGibney of Bullyville is a revenge pornographer. Joey Camp falsely claimed that James McGibney's Cheaterville was a revenge porn site.  There isn't many comments to this one, except to insult me by calling me a glowie.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111981791593254588

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/aAqn8







My Comments: Joey continues to fat shame me by calling me a whale as he makes snippy/snarky remarks about me. Commenters make fun of my looks, claim I'm balding (I'm not), and call me creepy.



Gab Post Link: https://gab.com/JoeyCamp2020/posts/111984185968912302

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/wip/4JTIR







My Comments: Joey Camp fat shames me while calling me a dude. Commenters basically call me crazy and ugly. One goes into some long long psychoanalysis making a bad attempt to psychoanalyze me while talking like it's some hardcore proven fact.



The basics of what is going on here is this. Joey Camp trolls/stalks the Twitter(X) timeline of "CredibleIntel". He sees me respond. He takes my video response, posts it on his Gab page, and then puts his own spin on it for the attention and comments. a** kissing to him and nasty comments about me.

His commenters have:

1) fat shamed me.

2) threatened me (only 1).

3) bashed my looks.

4) made false claims about me.

5) made fun of me.

6) have told me to shut up.

7) called me names.

8) falsely called me a stalker.

9) made poor attempts to make me appear unstable.

10) wished me death.

11) misgendering me.

12) attempting to scare me offline.



What it looks like here, overall, is I firmly believe that Joey Camp hopes to make me feel so bad and hurt that I shut up and hide in hopes it will stop; NOPE. Not happening. He probably hopes I will shut up and stop speaking up about all the crap he caused to be stirred against me; NOPE. Not happening. Nothing he says or does will get me to shut up, go offline for a long time, or deactivate my social media. I'm here to stay. I'm not going anywhere.

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Joey Camp is a tapeworm. He's an insect. He's a pile of crap. He's a germ. He's a f**king lower life form! He's pathetic as f**k, and karma will get his a**!

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It's laughable that this Joey Camp thinks he hasn't broken the law. He's guilty of stalking, harassment, threats, and so much more.

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Joey Camp is a shady criminal. It took me 15 minutes to find out all I wanted to know. It's surprising how stupid so many are and won't try to look into him. 

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I think what Joey needs is a reality check. Eventually the tables will turn and he will lose his following. 

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16 hours ago, Teen Wolf Senior said:

Joey Camp is a shady criminal. It took me 15 minutes to find out all I wanted to know. It's surprising how stupid so many are and won't try to look into him. 

His follower Johnny Luke is as nuts as he is. 

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On 2/24/2024 at 6:53 AM, CEDAvsFan said:

Joey Camp is a tapeworm. He's an insect. He's a pile of crap. He's a germ. He's a f**king lower life form! He's pathetic as f**k, and karma will get his a**!

That's insulting insects. 

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