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My Hot Take: Lucy Chen is BAD for Tim Bradford's Mental Health



Here's my God's honest take on Lucy Chen, Tim Bradford, and Chenford. Once upon a time, I was not a fan of Tim. I didn't hate him. I saved that hatred for Talia Bishop, because--to me--she was straight up bullying John Nolan. Anyone who's mean to a nice guy like that is damn near dead to me. My problem with Tim was that he was a prick who thought he knew, well, everything. I especially didn't like how harsh he was to Lucy. The easy excuse is, "Well, he's a TO." Yeah, with the exception of Talia (who was worse IMO), none of the other TOs on that show were as prickish as Tim. Angela Lopez (during the early seasons) gave more of a "tough love" approach, Nyla Harper may have been an intense bad-a**, but she still treated John way better than Talia did, and of course, when John became one, he was definitely in the "stern but fair" category. 

Now, I was starting not to like Lucy after the way she broke it off with Nolan, but it wasn't at a high level...yet. I would see Lucy pretty much hope Tim would be less harsh to her, and at that time, I was pulling for that too. Of course, a lot of fans expected "Chenford" to happen, because it's TV, and it's a matter of time. It did take a while, but Tim's harshness decreased, and by Season Five, Chenford became a thing. However, by that time, my respect for Lucy's actress, Melissa O'Neil, decreased vastly, and fittingly, Lucy took a turn for the worse, and it would be worse during this season.

So during this season, Tim was involved in an investigation involving his military past. That sh*t is immensely confidential. He could not tell ANYONE...yet Lucy expected Tim to tell her what was going on, and shamed him when he didn't. They would break up, and Lucy's spent the many episodes following the breakup playing the "poor me" card. Even so, weeks before this, I finally realized why Lucy wanted Tim to be nicer to her. It's because she wanted to push him around. It's because she wanted to basically scold Tim for anything and everything. And look at Tim now. He actually spent time actually blaming himself for the breakup. He's basically a shell of what he was in seasons past. Now, granted, I do like that Tim's not much of an a**h**e like he was in early years, but the fact that he's basically walking around depressed and blaming himself over a breakup that was Lucy's fault is just appalling. 

Lucy is wrecking Tim's mental health. I'll go one further. I actually now think that Isobel (Tim's drug-addicted ex-wife), was better for Tim than Lucy was. Isobel was riddled with problems but she never pretended otherwise. She was never angry at Tim for how their marriage ended, she never held a grudge, and she never pointed fingers. Lucy is the exact opposite. She's become what Tim used to be in the early seasons. If you ask Lucy, nothing is her fault. It's always someone else. It's either Tim, or her Catch U Next Tuesday mom (and she is one, that's for sure), or literally anyone other than her. And what gets me is this:  I saw the promo for next week's episode. They're teasing Chenford getting back together. Honestly, that better not happen. For the sake of fans of the show and for the sake of Tim's mental health, Chenford better not be a thing again. The only way I'll put up with it is if Lucy completely does a 180 and changes her selfish attitude. From the way she's been acting, we'll see a Stanley Cup parade for the Minnesota Wild before that happens.

Wanna know why I'm not a fan of Melissa O'Neil anymore? Read my story below:





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Lucy is mentally and emotionally abusive. If it isn't her way, it's some kind of crisis. 


Lucy treated Tim like he couldn't do anything right. There was always something to b***h about. She should have died in season 2.

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