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A Web of Lies, Misogyny, and Tone-Deafness from TikTok Bullies



I absolutely can't stand "billynomates.1988" and Derrick Bower, aka "dhbowzeryournonbinarydad." I really can't. Those two have been tuning up my mental health like a fiddle with the way they've been bullying me. It nearly put me in the same place that I was in a decade ago when I was relentlessly bullied, and later told, In so many words, to either deal with it or get off social media in response. The difference between ten years ago and now:  I didn't have a support system back then. I do now. 

So speaking of "billynomates1988," he was going around on Sunday stating that he found out the truth about Bowzer being a toxic racist and misogynist and all else, and that he was cutting ties with them and ending his friendship with them. Yet...Billy's still repeating a lot of the same sh*t that Bowzer's been saying, and still trying to shame and insult myself and Miley. So Billy's still spouting that crap, word for word, and that and his past actions show that this whole "cutting ties" thing he's claiming, it's just a bunch of crap. 

And these receipts prove it:

No description available.

No description available.

Those screenshots show Billy's continued bullying towards us, and his continued parroting of Bowzer's tone-deaf crap. And then there's this:



That collage shows Billy's misogyny against cisgender women; basically labelling all of them as predators and groomers. It is wrong to label any and all women as predators and groomers, whether its transwomen or ciswomen. Billy's statements are absolutely wrong and hateful.

As for Bowzer, well, this tweet from them shows that they've been stalking Miley, and stalking myself as well. My goodness.

No description available.

So yeah, Bowzer and Billy are full of sh*t. They're not the only ones. Sadly, someone on Tiktok has been speaking in favor of Bowzer:

No description available.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, here's this same person talking out of both sides of their mouth in this comment:

No description available.

Now, this baffles me. Is this person defending Bowzer or defending Miley. Defending Miley is the right route to take. Saying Bowzer wasn't wrong is absolutely dead wrong. Bowzer was wrong. They were condescending, they were bigoted, and they were purposely portraying themself as someone ""educating an extreme transphobe," when in actuality, Miley is a big time ally, and Bowzer was bullying Miley. So I went to that person and explained to them what was wrong with that part of the comment where they start off defending DH. This was the response I got:

No description available.

So according to that person, being a condescending, bigoted, and lying jerk is well and good if you're "gentle, kind, and honest." Oh boy SMH

Everything is detailed in my Tiktoks below. These bullies are really working my last nerve. The person's comments slyway defending DH have caused Miley and myself to be harassed even more. This really needs to be stopped, and it really needs to be nipped in the bud, so we can all truly move on.

My Tiktoks:




For those of you on Tiktok, you might want to make use of the block button for 6 of Dhbowzer's accounts.








You also might want to block Billy Duffy's Tiktok accounts too. His ability the play the victim role knows no bounds, just like a rabid Oilers fan.



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16 minutes ago, Luis Virgil said:

Women are great. I know. I have a great wife. Why does Billy hate cisgender women?

Rejection maybe?

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Bowzer and Billy are true monsters who don't deserve to be on social media at all. It should be life in prison with no chance of parole for them.

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The person whose comments you showed, but censored the name. Why do they sound like a double agent?

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On 3/26/2024 at 4:40 PM, Angie said:

The person whose comments you showed, but censored the name. Why do they sound like a double agent?

They're odd.

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