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NextDoor's History of Corruption and Toxicity



So NextDoor decided to be a thing again. Remember that two-months where NextDoor wasn't a problem? I miss those times. But yeah, NextDoor has become a huge thing again because just recently, they are targeting Miley and they suspended her--simply for telling the truth about their toxic practices. It's been a year of this, a year of NextDoor mods bullying Miley and getting away with it because NextDoor coddles their toxic moderators. They're full of yes people who tow their disgusting line and shame victims, yes people like this Mae Ann person, who had the nerve to send this line of bullsh*t to Miley.


BULL. And may I add...sh*t

Not one word of that garbage from Mae Ann is true. NextDoor's mods have engaged in the most hideous conduct! They are as follows:

Autumn Leigh Martin:  Racially profiled a Latina woman, then led a crusade to bully Miley for standing up against her bullsh*t. Autumn even resorted to targeting me with various racial slurs, and even falsely accused me of sexual assault!

Hannah Taylor:  Pretty much Autumn's henchwoman in the bullying; she's toxic as well

Melissa McGonagle:  Same thing, another Autumn a**-kisser

Candace Stidham:  Another deranged bully

Cynthia B.:  A bullying Karen who encouraged and promoted animal cruelty

Susan K.:  Bullying sh*t starter for sure

Bambi L.:  Another bullying sh*t starter who recently liked comments from two Karens who falsely accused Miley of bigotry

Nancy Roberts:  Yet another bullying Karen

Tom O'Meara:  A victim-shamer who also promotes animal cruelty

Here's the thing:  that's just some of them. This is the tip iceberg. There are plenty of toxic and bigoted mods on NextDoor. These are just the ones that Miley and I have called out in various blogs, shown below:

Oh, and one more thing. NextDoor's been resorting to making threats to Miley, which they disguise as a "deal." They actually had the nerve to "offer" her a removal of the suspension on the condition that she remove any and all blogs, videos, and social media posts exposing their bullsh*t. Unfortunately, the evidence is not shown because it was sent via the Meta program, and sadly, there's a little thing called an "unsend" button, and of course, they pressed it. NextDoor can, in the immortal words of D-Generation X, "SUCK IT!"

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I noticed several mods are labeled "Autumn a** kissers". The truth about these mods, and mods in general, is it wouldn't matter who was reported, mods do not like it when people report mods. Even if I never reported Autumn for her racial profiling, all I've been put through would have happened anyway if I reported any mod for anything. The mods of NextDoor are their own toxic culture.

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Like Miley, I am also a victim of Autumn Leigh Martin. What's happening to Miley, isn't a surprise. It's expected. It's how the culture of mods work. When one of them is reported for a serious matter, other mods treat the one reporting as a threat. It wouldn't matter who the mod is that was reported. 

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1 hour ago, Simian Pathetica said:

What is so special about any of these mods?

Nothing. Many of them are power hungry ego maniacs. 

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All of those mods deserved to be named! If you ask me, none of them should be on NextDoor. 

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23 hours ago, Angie said:

All of those mods deserved to be named! If you ask me, none of them should be on NextDoor. 

I agree, but the staff protects them.

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