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Harassed and Slandered by a Deranged Bigot on Facebook Because I Don't Support a Transphobe



This is a special weekend for me:  it's my birthday weekend. My birthday is actually on Monday, March 18, and that's the main thing on my mind. However, my happy train of thought was interrupted by a psychotic bigot. Here's the story. Of course, you know about this witch known as Patricia Silva, who invasively took a picture of a trans woman at Planet Fitness and went into full Karen mode. She went to Facebook to play the victim and misgender the woman, and of course, the transphobes came out of the woodwork to kiss Patricia's a**. I wouldn't stand for it, so I called the b***h out. Of course, the bigots attempted to fire back, and one them, "Soleria UA," decided to turn to disgusting slander towards me. Take a look.


Yeah. So because I'm not a depraved, transphobic psycho, "Soteria UA" decides to slander me and claim that I'm a sex offender and I support pedophilia. Yikes. And this a**h**e doubles down on it even after I reported and blocked him for his bullsh*t.


"Soteria UA" is a demented f**king prick who needs to get a life and a f**king brain. This is harassment, plain and simple, and it's an attempt to intimidate and bully me into thinking like him. Not going to happen. I'm a decent human being, unlike Soteria UA. That prick can go cry in the car with his bullying and bigotry.

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Oh him? That's some random hoping for their 15 minutes of fame.

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Why is it that those defending that lunatic are either racist, transphobic, or one of those that likes to falsely accuse someone of being a sex offender over a disagreement?

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You've encountered a Patricia Silva superfan that's very transphobic. I see alot of them doing the same to others that don't fall in line with their transphobic hate.

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On 3/16/2024 at 4:05 PM, Sam LaRusso said:

He is John Kreese type of crazy. 

That's an understament. 

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