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I am DONE With Those Slanderous TikTok Bullies



A familiar feeling is close to coming back, and it's one I had attempted to bury for 10 years.

A decade ago, I was relentlessly bullied on social media, and NGL, it really played a number on my mental health. The main reason was because I felt totally alone when I was hit with relentless racist bullying, along with some homophobe saying that I was gay solely because I was wearing a WWE t-shirt that showed my fandom of Natalya, a member of WWE's Women's Division. Straight males can be fans of female wrestlers, but that jackoff who attacked me like that clearly had no clue. SInce then, I do get the occasional racist harassment directed towards me, and when I stand up to them, I get told in so many words that it's "all in my head" and I get victim shamed and even accused of being "anti-White" ("anti-White" is not a thing BTW; that's a hyphenated buzzword spouted by racists and some RWNJs in an attempt to shame minorities).

So what's bringing me to tell this? Well, the White-splainer "billynomates.1988" is attacking me again. So get this. Because I didn't put on my tap shoes and say "Yazzir boss" to him telling me in so many words to "stay in your place, boy," he's bringing out the slander and accusing me of being bigoted and being anti-LGBT. That is the last thing I am. I'm a big time LGBT-ally. Homophobia and transphobia make my stomach turn. And the fact that Billy is accusing me of this tells me that he's never seen my Tiktoks condemning homophobes and transphobes. I call it out and speak against such bigotry on so many platforms

Billy and "dhbowseryournonbinarydad" damaged my mental health yesterday. Thankfully, it wasn't as damaged as it was 10 years ago, but I was mentally exhausted yesterday. Bullies like that have no remorse, no conscience, and no class. They really did a number on my mental well being, but I did rise above it by the late afternoon thanks to some awesome people and some great distractions.

Here are my two past blogs addressing these bullies.


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I've got your back completely on issues like bullying. Social media is supposed to empower people, not tear them down.

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What those 2 are doing is lying about you and pieces together their words just right to mislead people. 

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