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This Impending TikTok Ban in the US is the Latest Example of Anti-Asian Hate



So the House has passed a bill that would basically ban TikTok here in the US unless the parent company in China sells it. I've had a TikTok account for just under a year now. I use it to share my stories on Vocal, talk about sports, and raise awareness. It's not just me. A lot of people rely on TikTok as a source of income. Now, it could be banned here in this country, unless the Chinese owners sell it to the US.

I'm just going to say it:  this ban is the last act of anti-Asian hate that's been rampant for the last near four years.

Ever since the pandemic hit us, I've heard a lot of stories about hate crimes against Asian-Americans increasing, mainly because it's been told over and over that the virus started in some lab in Wuhan. We don't really know how COVID started, I've heard some say that we, the US, caused it. The fact is that it's out there, and still out there, and sadly, it's caused so much racism against Asian-Americans. As usual, Trump added more to the fire during the pandemic, when he called COVID "Kung flu" and the "China virus." Toupee-wearing d**chebag.

And of course, the RWNJs (Right Wing Nut Jobs) have taken to Fox News to bury China, and they use the same reason to justify it:  "China's a Communist country." That is true, they are a Communist country. You know who else is a Communist country? Russia! Russia's been Communist forever! Yet you never hear those RWNJs say sh*t about Russia. Hell, they were actually cheering for Russia bullying and bombing Ukraine! Also, those same people kissing Russia's a** seem to have conveniently forgotten that Russia and the US have been foes and bitter rivals in damn near everything since WWII ended. War, science, even sports! I mean, does the Miracle on Ice not mean anything to those RWNJs?!

So yeah, plain and simple, the Chinese owners are basically being forced to sell TikTok. If not, then they'll ban TikTok here in the US. Do they not know how many Americans have TikTok and how many of them rely on it for financial reasons? A ban in this country would keep those Americans from making money on TikTok, and keep other Americans (including myself) from speaking out about what needs to be said. But America first, right? Yeah, right.

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The supposed reason for this is "national security". What right do they have to preach such when they allow the severe influx of ILLEGALS into the country? AND...give to them what our taxes pay for that makes it hard for us to use?

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I don't approve of Congress's decision on TikTok. I like being on that site to provide comments and share videos.

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On 3/14/2024 at 12:14 AM, Cheerleader Vicky said:

I won't be voting for anyone who wants TikTok gone.


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