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Patricia Silva's Web of Bigotry and Unlawful Deceit



So Patricia Silva's quest to rid herself of what little sanity she has remaining, is continuing, much to the expense of all of us.

Patricia is tripling and quadrupling down on her transphobic LIE that she saw a 12-y.o. naked girl in a locker room with a trans woman. Even worse, Miss Transphobic b***h appears to have a supporter on Tiktok:


No description available.

So Patricia's posted this link to a Tiktok from some dunce named AJ, who is on Team Silva. Yikes. It's a short Tiktok full of transphobic statements, stereotypes, and outright hideous rhetoric against the trans community:


Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting and hateful.

However, in the words of Mighty Mouse, "Here I come to save the day!"

I come bearing receipts. Many glorious receipts that expose Patricia Silva as the psychopathic lying transphobic c**t that she is!


These YouTubes prove that Patricia Silva is not only a lying, transphobic c**t, she's also a f**king criminal. She broke laws. She should not only be sued, she should be behind bars.

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I'm noticing that those calling for the Planet Fitness boycott aren't trying to ask why the parents of the child aren't coming forward.  

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