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The Neverending Problem of Toxic NextDoor Moderators



Just as I was beginning to think that the toxic NextDoor moderator culture of toxic mods was easing up...




Screenshots of the message I sent NextDoor moderator "Nancy Roberts" that was shown in the above video; along with proof Nancy Roberts is a NextDoor moderator.


My Comments: Some might say I went overboard, but these are things that needed to be said. Before I started documenting how mods mess with me (and others) on NextDoor, I've seen Nancy Roberts be the same way with others and use the fact that she is a mod to get away with it. Sadly she's not the only one (toxic mod).



I'm not the only victim of toxic mods on NextDoor. I'm just one of few that is speaking up about it. NextDoor needs to start taking more of a stance against the poor behavior of toxic mods... because if they don't, they're practically begging to become the next MySpace.

What's MySpace?


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NextDoor and its moderators are just plain stupid. They're so stupid that not even they know it.

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Next Door is a very toxic environment. It's more like a dictatorship than a neighborly environment. The staff is awful!

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NextDoor's mods should either be in prison or in psychiatric hospitals, I swear.

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