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Abuse Of Power Called Out - (NextDoor Moderator "Cynthia B")



Not too long ago I wrote a blog about a mod ("Cynthia B") promoting animal cruelty as if it was okay, how she reacted to me when I was responding to someone else, and how she kept trying to silence me when I would reply to others. The blog about it is below.


Now that we're all caught up. Fast forward to yesterday. The video below explains the gist of it.





All I did with the message I sent "Cynthia B" was stand up for myself and ask to be left alone. I did so with civility as seen in the screenshot below. (screenshot also in video above).




As I said in my video, I dare "Cynthia B" to show this message I sent her. I triple dog dare her. All she will be doing is helping make my point about abusive NextDoor moderators that abuse their power and position as well as silence those they disagree with.

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