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Bailey's Gym - Chuze Fitness: GUILTY OF FRAUD!



Once upon a time...

and then...

Not too long after this, a fraud claim was filed with the bank.


Bailey's Gym...ChuzeFitness... YOU LOSE!



It feels so good to have won! What Bailey's Gym and Chuze Fitness did by manipulating my original contract is not only disgusting, but it was FRAUD! A BIG THANK YOU to the bank for seeing that.


Remember: Friends don't let friends join gyms that engage in fraud. Continue to spread the word so others don't go through what I did.

Thank you to all whom stood by me and had my back. It means the world to me.

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Be careful. They will come after you and try to guilt you to paying them. I ended up with a lecture about adult responsibility. Just tell them they're guilty of fraud and if they contact you again, you will press charges for harassment. 

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Congratulations! Businesses that conduct themselves this way deserve every defeat they get. 

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