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Bailey's Gym (powered by: Chuze Fitness) And Their Contract Manipulation!



I have a BIG UPDATE on the situation with Bailey's Gym, powered by Chuze Fitness, that I blogged about below.



The gist of it is in the videos (same one on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube).




The screenshots shown in the video are below.


Basically "Chelsey Porter" is trying to tell me "No refund. You have to cancel within 30 days.". But here's the thing. There was NOTHING in my actual original contract that I had to give 30 days notice! Now suddenly there is! What the heck?! This reminds me of a Baywatch season 1 episode titled "Muddy Waters" when Shauni thought she was signing a simple release as it appeared infront of her, for pics taken for one purpose. But later she found out she was tricked to signing something else. This manipulative, deceptive, and fraudulent practice is easy to do; sadly enough. It sickens me that Bailey's Gym pulled this on me and that this "Chelsey Porter" is acting as if this "30 day notice" was in my original contract when it never was!


Bailey's Gym, powered by Chuze Fitness, should be ashamed of themselves!

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I saw this coming. The same happened to me. My advice to anyone signing a contract from a place like Bailey's is to video tape it.

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46 minutes ago, Philip Gipson said:

Yep. Bailey's Gym and Chuze Fitness are pure evil and deserve to burn out.

I agree! I hate to know how many others this has been done to.

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This is why I gave up on Chuze Fitness a long time ago. You should have cancelled before they had a stake in Bailey's Gym.

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21 minutes ago, Princess Meghan said:

Can I share this in a gym group I'm in on Facebook?

Don't ask. Just do it.

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Bailey's Gym is full of crooks, and so is Chuze Fitness! They are absolutely soulless and they have no morals at all! They need to be out of business!

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I warned you not to ever join Bailey's Gym. I warned you that if you did and canceled, they'd f**k you over. I wish you listened. Im not saying this is your fault. God no. It's Bailey's Gym's fault. It's Chuze Fitness's fault.

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36 minutes ago, CEDAvsFan said:

Bailey's Gym is full of crooks, and so is Chuze Fitness! They are absolutely soulless and they have no morals at all! They need to be out of business!

If Chuze Fitness and Bailey's had any morals, they'd refund her money. 

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No outlet like Bailey's and Chuze is worth getting scammed over. Those two definitely deserve to be exposed for what they are.

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Chuze Fitness is worse than Bailey's Health and Fitness. Bailey's Health and Fitness will only get worse from here now they're associated with Chuze.

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