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Autumn Martin Needs to Get Over It and Stop Bullying People!



Autumn Leigh Martin is at it again...and again...and again.

As you know, Autumn started this whole mess a year ago when she racially profiled and shamed a Latinx woman whose house was vandalized. In the time that's passed, she's double down in defending her behavior, and she's harassed those who don't agree with her, big time. Part of Autumn's psychotic harassment actually included racist responses to my Tiktoks, and even Autumn releasing her own Tiktok where she falsely accused me of sexual assault. Yesterday, she took the cake when she, once again, bullied Miley by responding to her with a rant about Autumn's own actions from a year prior. She continued to defend her callous actions and harassed Miley for taking a stand, and Autumn's reply was basically her twisting everything around to vilify Miley and make herself look like a victim.

Seriously, Autumn is so f**king pathetic and disgusting. She is lowdown, she is insane, she is delusional. She's a f**king monster. I'm not going to mince words with this, and what she's done to me is only part of the reason that I'm verbally going scorched Earth on her. Autumn is an absolute cancer. She continues to spew racist hate and deranged attacks towards others, and acts like she's in the right while everyone who stands up to her bullsh*t is wrong. Even worse, NextDoor continues to kiss her a** and look the other way. I'll bet money she's always had that belief that everything should be handed to her and that everyone should just kiss whatever proverbial ring she thinks she has on. My past blogs have had receipts of Autumn's insane behavior, and this one will be no different. Here's my video exposing Autumn's latest act of insanity:


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Thank you for exposing Autumn's idiocy constantly. She's clearly beyond help and deserves to be called out.

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I just wrote a blog myself about the matter. I wasn't going to, but I felt it necessary. The way she tries to act like some victim and such is just sickening. Especially considering how she has treated both of us.

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