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Super Sunday Next Door Drama



Some days ago, a mutual friend of myself and Caseyn77215 was concerned after seeing a post about the dune buggy, seeing that Miley posted it, because moderators are looking for reasons to target her. My friend checked, and the post was still there, which surprised me, because the mods have a habit of deleting Miley's posts. I noticed who liked it, and one of them was Roxana Sanchez, the woman who was racially profiled by Autumn Leigh Martin. I remembered it because Miley and I had done numerous videos about how she had been racially profiled, but her name wasn't mentioned. So my friend looked at her profile, and I was bugging him to show me what he had seen, because I was concerned for her--mainly because of how Autumn had targeted Miley lately, and I was hoping the same wouldn't happen to Roxana because she liked Miley's post.

So I had my friend send me the screenshots of the post so I could see who responded, and when I received them, it was upsetting to me, because of what I saw. It looked like that Roxana is deflecting and trying to play victim, when she had no reason to. And it was strange that after Roxana's post went up, Miley's post disappeared. I recognized the name of someone who responded: Susan K.

The link to Roxana's post:  https://imgur.com/lJ08KRf

The link to Susan K's response:  https://imgur.com/MDwtY1G

Susan K has a history of harassing Miley, because Susan K is one of the NextDoor mods who is an Autumn Martin a**-kisser. Susan K had been targeting Miley because she stood up against Autumn's bullsh*t and racism. Yet lo and behold, Susan K's responding in kind to Autumn's victim, Roxana Sanchez. Here's a link to a link that shows evidence of Susan K's harassment:


I had a feeling that someone named Chris F had responded, and I was right, and Chris F's message to Miley was an attempt to be intimidating and condescending while responding to her. Here's the link to Chris F's reply to Roxana:


And here's Chris F's message to Miley:  https://imgur.com/kzxuRml

I'm very appalled by Roxana, especially considering what's happened to not only Miley, but myself as a result of how we stood up for her. We've been harassed, targeted, and slandered in response to us standing up for Roxana against Autumn's racist bullsh*t. However, I would still stand up for Roxana if she was being racially targeted again, because I was raised to stand up against any and all wrongdoings.

Here's my video detailing everything:


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I feel completely empowered by your latest blog and video. I'm counting on you and Miley to continue to document NextDoor and their moderators.

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Roxana is one ungrateful piece of work! You and @GMileyCollier78 have been harassed and targeted for defending Roxana. She goes and plays some poor me victim like she's been unfairly accused. 

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