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When Winning the Royal Rumble Means Nothing



Sooooo...about last night...

Last night's SmackDown ended with Cody Rhodes, the winner of the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble, confronting Roman Reigns. On Raw a few days earlier, Seth Rollins gave Cody something to think about regarding who to choose to face at WrestleMania, even saying that Cody should opt to face Seth at WM instead of a rematch against Roman. Cody said that he'd think about it, and the result at SD's end was Cody saying that he would finish the story...just not at WM. At that moment, The Rock appeared and engaged in a staredown with Roman, and well, that told us everything. 

So Rock vs Roman is happening at WM, and it's for the title. Let me see if I have this right. Cody Rhodes leaves All Elite Wrestling, his baby, to go back to WWE. He literally puts his health on the line in Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins. He comes back from that injury to enter the Royal Rumble, and wins it. He faces Roman and WM39, and loses, but this year, he wins the Rumble again, but oops, he's not facing Roman at WM?! So basically, all of that time was for nothing. Even crazier:  Rock's replacing Cody in that spot. A lot of people are upset at this, and rightfully so. It was bad enough that Cody didn't win last year. Now, he's not even going to face Roman at WM, it's the Rock, who is an even bigger part-timer than Roman.

WWE says it's "good for business." No it's not. What's good for business is not p**sing off millions of fans who wanted to see Cody finish the story. Rock vs Roman doesn't need the title. Their story is much bigger than any title in WWE. Speaking of titles, Cody vs Seth for the WHC is definitely a go now, but get this. I just read that WWE is actually considering the following game plan:  we know Cody's beating Seth at WM, so they want Cody vs the winner of Roman/Rock at SummerSlam in a title unification match!

The concept of the return of the World Heavyweight Championship was to give us an actual on-screen World Champion because Roman was appearing less and less on TV. Yet this plan pretty much proves that Roman's burial of the WHC on SmackDown was legit. What the f**k are they doing?! WWE knows that there's competition, right? They can't be making moves like this! Cody wins back-to-back Rumbles, yet bows out in Year Two? That's funny, I don't recall the Tampa Bay Lightning handing the Montréal Canadiens the Stanley Cup after winning Game 5 of the Final in 2021. And I definitely don't see Mahomes and Kelce announcing that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will be heading to Vegas for the Super Bowl. WWE really needs to stop making these dumb moves like this. They are continuously shooting themselves in the foot.

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There's gotta be plenty of internal meddling behind the scenes if WWE is pulling these kinda stunts. :angry1:

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