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"Saturday Night Live" Needs to Stop Inviting Problematic People on Their Show



So tonight, SNL decided it would be a brilliant idea to have Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley on their show during the cold open...on the first Saturday of February...which is Black History Month. Great. 

The cold open sketch decided to take more shots at Trump, because, well, he has it coming, but lo and behold, we see Nikki Haley on there. I had to do a double take when I saw her. After all, this was the same woman who said that America "has never been a racist country," and when she was asked about what caused the Civil War, she mentioned everything except the main cause and problem:  slavery. Of course, they made fun of that last part, but still. 

Sadly, Nikki Haley's appearance came a week after SNL decided to allow Justin Timberlake to spend part of his attempted comeback/apology tour as a musical guest on the episode, which was hosted by Dakota Johnson. Not only did Timberlake perform, he even appeared in the monologue and a couple of sketches. Hell, the promo for the episode focused more on Timberlake than Dakota Johnson. Of course, Timberlake is the real live villain in the "Free Britney" saga, and in the infamous "Wardrobe Malfunction," which turned 20 on Thursday. We all remember this. During the halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII, Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast, yet Janet got all of the blame and shame for what happened, while Timberlake wasn't even mentioned, nor did that clown step up and take any responsibility. Also, it's been revealed that Timberlake mistreated Britney Spears during their relationship, and a recent story revealed that he's basically a cultural appropriater.

Now tonight's episode had a much better musical guest in the form of Jennifer Lopez. I was really looking for JLo to appear in sketches; after all, she's an acclaimed actress as well as a singer. You know how many sketches JLo was in? Zero. Let me see if I have this right. You allow a toxic prick like Timberlake to appear in the monologue and some sketches, but all JLo does is perform and sing and has no sketches of her own?! And it's getting worse! It was announced that SNL's next new episode will air on February 24, and their host will be Shane Gillis, who was part of the show for a cup of coffee until he was fired for racist and homophobic comments in his "comedy." And of course, like a lot of racists, Gillis gave the whole "misquoted" and "blown out of context" excuse. But SNL's drinking it up!

SNL, I beg you, stop enabling problematic people!!! This isn't new! Remember:  SNL has had Donald Trump and Elon Musk host before, so it's no shock that SNL would actually allow the most problematic and toxic people on their show. And to be honest, there's some racism in this as well. A long time ago, Martin Lawrence was banned from SNL for some inappropriate jokes centering on feminine hygiene. That was in 1994. 30 years have passed, and despite the fact that he's done a lot of big things since then, the ban hasn't been removed. Yet look at who SNL's allowing to appear on their show. Yet another thing that proves that "cancel culture" is fake, it's a myth, and it's an excuse to avoid accountability. I truly think Saturday Night Live needs to reconsider their plans to have Shane Gillis host on February 24. They have three weeks to do it. Sadly, they won't. The most problematic White people get so many chances, but if you're Black, it's one strike and you're out.

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I've barely watched SNL in the past and have since given up on it completely. Them hiring toxic people like Trump, Musk, and Haley is just an example that they're a bunch of shills.

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I agree with you about problematic people. It's only fair if you tell us who you'd want that isn't problematic and why.

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On 2/4/2024 at 3:04 AM, Philip Gipson said:

I've barely watched SNL in the past and have since given up on it completely. Them hiring toxic people like Trump, Musk, and Haley is just an example that they're a bunch of shills.

Who would you have on SNL?

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11 hours ago, Mandy Baby said:

Who would you have on SNL?

I would have Kat Dennings host an SNL episode because I believe she has perfect comedic timing.

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