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Yet ANOTHER Next Door Mod Abusing Their Power



You know, just when I couldn't hate Next Door any more than I already do, they couldn't even let me enjoy a Green Bay Packers playoff game. Dirty b*st**ds!

So yesterday, as I was watching the Packers/Cowboys game, I learned that another Next Door mod is behaving like a deranged psychopath. This one is known as Cynthia B, and she posted comments advocating for animal cruelty, and later tried to dance her way out of it. The comment was right there:  "They come on my property, they will leave injured." Yet she later tried to say that she "doesn't have a problem with animals, but she will keep them off her property." What she really doesn't have a problem with is harming animals. She also doesn't have a problem with abusing her power, as she had a comment hidden in response to being rightfully called out. And Next Door also doesn't have a problem using a "parental finger wag" and telling people to follow their rules, even though Next Door knows good and damn well that their mods don't even come close to following the rules.

Once I found out about this, I called out Next Door's behavior in this video:

I wasn't alone in this; Miley called out the behavior as well. She had been harassed by Cynthia and another mod, Mendy S., over this whole thing.

Drama Queening Mods on NextDoor

Miley also went to YouTube regarding this ordeal as well

Others have reported Cynthia's comments as well, and here's the evidence:  https://imgur.com/a/o65IOfu

And if Cynthia did nothing wrong, as she continues to claim and even attacked people over it, her post would not have been removed for illegal activity. Advocating for animal cruelty is illegal. Next Door actually did something for a change, they removed the comments. If Cynthia did nothing wrong, then her comments would have been removed. But she was in the wrong. Big time:




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in case they happen upon this blog an report those images so your evidence goes away, I archived each of your IMGUR links.

IMGUR: https://imgur.com/a/o65IOfu

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/KcnQT


IMGUR: https://imgur.com/k7vIFv6

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/qxmOJ


IMGUR: https://imgur.com/a/76r5Brb

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/yZ4kw


IMGUR: https://imgur.com/jCMPu3e

ARCHIVED: https://archive.is/uwHdo


I remember in the whole thread that Cynthia B kept acting like she said and did nothing wrong. If that was true, then her post wouldn't have been removed for illegal activity. The illegal activity being advocating for animal cruelty. It's a good thing we both went above the heads of local mods.

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If Jerry Springer was alive, he would be looking towards NextDoor for new guests.

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I sincerely pray that eventually more people will be more vocal about the constant neglect NextDoor has towards its customer base.

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