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Nice to see actual competent and caring cops in a Lifetime movie



The main trope we usually see in Lifetime films is the incompetent cops. A vast majority of LT/LMN movies feature cops who either don't do their job, do a p**s poor job, or get so easily taken in by the baddie(s). And then, Lifetime gave us Girl in the Video. In this film, Krissy, after being told by her widowed mother, Mo, that she can't go to a party with her friends, sneaks out of the house to meet up with Toby, who she had been chatting with. However, Krissy ends up being abducted by "Toby," who is actually a man named Jack Sweeney.

Now, this is where the game changes. When Mo goes to the police, something strange happens. The police...are actually helping. They're being helpful. They're competent. They actually care. They are going all out. And this is all for a missing Black girl at that. We all know the story when it comes to missing people of color. The families usually get the usual tone deaf responses from police, with the main go to being, "Wait and see what turns up." In addition, the missing POCs get labeled as runaways or "just acting out," or worse, they're vilified as possible criminals. We not only see that in movies, but in real life as well. Yet in this film, the police are actually going beyond the call of duty and working their a**es off to actually find Krissy.

The film, overall, was a good one, as I expected it would be. But I just want to say how delighted and surprised I was to see this. Honestly, it gives me hope that we'll see actual diligence in real-life cases regarding missing people of color.

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This was very well written. Never before have I come cross such a Lifetime movie in which the police genuinely cares.

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39 minutes ago, RE Alice said:

This was very well written. Never before have I come cross such a Lifetime movie in which the police genuinely cares.

This movie is a first.

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I'm so happy we got a Lifetime movie where the police actually got things done. That's what we need a lot more of in LT/LMN movies in general.

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I'll watch it when I get home. I was at the Chiefs vs Dolphins game last night. I'm not feeling well.

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