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American National, Joey Camp, Wanted by Belize Police for Multiple Complaints


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American National, Joey Camp, Wanted by Belize Police for Multiple Complaints


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The police currently have, I think, about four arrest warrants for Joseph Camp. Not just for complaints by me. There was also a complaint made by my son. He posted a number of things about my son, which are not true. As a matter of fact, my son doesn’t even live in Belize. My son lives in Taiwan, where he is studying. And so for him to have said the things that he said about my son is totally outrageous. And there is also complaint against him from other members of the public. So I believe that he is emboldened to make these comments because he is not in Belize and so he uses the place where he is to make those comments from there. I had also reported him to the U.S. Embassy and I’m hoping that they will see what they can do to be able to help to address the issue where he is concerned. He cannot come to Belize and feel like he can do what he wants with Belizeans and get away with it because his constant cry is that he’s an American citizen, he’s an American citizen, like to say that because he’s an American citizen he’s above us Belizeans, which is not the case. I believe that Belizeans and Americans and any other national are important people and we will not allow ourselves to be subject to a person diminishing our nationality. That cannot happen.”

I am 100% with police commissioner Williams on this!



Camp reached out to our newsroom to say that he has left the country since April 12. He added that his social media accounts were hacked and that he did not post the content for which is now being sought.

Joey Camp was not hacked. That's a claim he uses when he's caught in his mess with little chance of escape.

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