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Middle School Girl Who Protested Transgender Competitor Speaks Out: 'It's Not Right'

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I see that Riley Gaines is influencing young girls to be hateful transphobes!



Last week, a U.S. Circuit of Appeals court reversed a ruling that kept a teenage transgender girl (biological male) from competing in girls' sports in West Virginia. In response, five girls refused to compete in a track & field meet against that athlete. 

The group was led by a young female athlete named Emmy Salerno. On Wednesday, Salerno joined Riley Gaines, host of the OutKick podcast "Gaines for Girls," and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey as the AG signed "The Stand With Women Commitment."


"I want to say thank you first … to God for giving us the strength to do this," the middle schooler began. "Thank you to Riley. She's been a huge inspiration and mentor through all of this.

"About two years ago, the transgender movement started becoming more and more popular," she continued. "I was never affected by it until last year. I started to think, 'this can't be right.' All my teammates are working so hard to get beat by this boy… This made me feel like I had to do something not just for myself, but for girls everywhere." 


Salerno went on to explain that her first move was to contact Gaines to ask for advice. With Gaines' support, Salerno started talking to her teammates to see if they wanted to join her in taking action. 


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Clout is clout. It's everywhere, and that makes me sick. The fact that Riley Gaines is influencing these younger girls to despise people who aren't like them just shows how too far gone she is as a person overall.

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On 4/25/2024 at 4:55 AM, GMileyCollier78 said:

OMG! Unbelieveable! Riley Gaines is now influencing young girls to be transphobic! :angry11:

If I could have kids, I wouldn't raise them to be hatemongers hanging on every word said by Riley Gaines.


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