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Planet Fitness value plummets $400M because of Patricia Silva's Nonsense


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And there they go with that "go woke, go broke" bigoted bullsh*t. They do know that inclusivity brings in more money, right? 

Patricia Silva's stupid and backwards bullsh*t caused this. She got a hair up her a** over nothing, cooked up a boldfaced lie, and f**king morons drunk her kool-aid and acted like it was gospel. Patricia needs to be sued for every cent she has, and she needs to be behind bars. She broke laws, dammit!

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I firmly believe that Patricia Silva LIED about the naked kid in the locker room so her grip/complaint about the transgender woman would get more widespread and faster. She's lied about the reason she was banned to fit with her lie about the naked kid. Both combined has created a viral story. One that has cost Planet Fitness a huge amount of money. People are getting harassed and threatened over this. Mainly Planet Fitness employees, customers not boycotting, transgender people, and anyone asking questions as to why no one has heard anything from the parents of the claimed child in the locker room.

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