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Chicago Blackhawks Become the 1st Team to be Eliminated from Playoff Contention

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Everyone saw this coming, but even so, it's absolutely satisfying. This team has been an absolute mess ever since it was revealed that a lot of the coaching staff covered up a staff member raping Kyle Beach in 2010 just so they could focus on that Cup they won. Connor Bedard wanted that NHL spotlight, now he has it and the bumps that go with it. And with the way the Blackhawks are going, it'll be a LONG time before they ever play meaningful spring hockey again; those days are long gone. 

How long until Bedard starts demanding a trade to a contender? I give it four seasons.

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45 minutes ago, GMileyCollier78 said:

Many people say that Connor Bedard is the Blackhawks. Does this mean we can blame him for this? :smile6:

Good point. If he's going to be put on that pedestal, he better be ready to take the blame.

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