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Cosmic Dimensions

Tubi Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Pitch: "A Therapist's Deadly Game"

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A married couple (Ross Jirgl and Lauren Pike) is on the brink of divorce from their hectic schedules, so their newly arrived neighbor (Christie Leverette) suggests they talk to a famous therapist (Matthew Lawrence) about how to better handle things. Once the couple meets with him, things seem to be progressing. What the couple fails to realize, however, is that the "therapist" is a poser who has couples separated and then murdered because a past romantic relationship of his failed to flourish. The current couple, his employees, are forced to fight to save not just their marriage, but their lives.

Additional casting: Robbie Amell, Lucas Till, Nichole Sakura, and Emeraude Toubia as Ross Jirgl and Lauren Pike's best friends, Brad Dourif, Robin Riker, Ed Begley Jr. and Erin Gray as Ross and Lauren's parents, James Maslow and Carter Jenkins as criminals that Matthew Lawrence hires to cause some trouble, Kelsey McKean as a woman Matthew pays to be Ross's "mistress," CJ Hammond as an obsessive man paid to "stalk" Lauren by Matthew, Dina Meyer and Corin Nemec as local, no-nonsense cops, Samantha Cope as a mysterious hooded figure, and Jennifer Taylor as Matthew's former therapist.

Distributor: Cartel Pictures.

Writers: Tom Shell and Kaila York, from a story by Jessica Morris.

Executive producers: Stan Spry, Eric Scott Woods, Jessica Morris, Kaila York, Tom Shell, and Matthew Lawrence.

Associate producer: Lauren Caster.

Line producer: Kami Norton.

Music: Britlin Lee Furst.

Stunts: Olivia Buckle and K.J. Phelps.

Director: Kaila York.

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