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(SnapChat) Sugar Daddy Scammer: nicholas246702

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If you are approached by "nicholas246702 of SnapChat", block him right away. He is a sugar daddy scammer.


"nicholas246702 of SnapChat" approached me saying he wanted to be my sugar daddy. I played along just to see what he would say. He offered me $3000 a week. I gave him my Cash App. I then asked to prove he was real. He never did. He kept delaying and giving excuses as to why the money was never sent. He went on an on about an account manager and to give him time.


Only when I told "nicholas246702 of SnapChat" I knew for sure he was a scammer, did he claim that the money was sent. He sent me a badly photoshopped image that made it look like it was sent. This was when I began to call him out BIG TIME; I was civil. I pointed out exactly how I knew he was a scammer.

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This shows a budding new scam tactic. 


The scammer shows they've sent you the money. You get upset that you see nothing. Scammer finds a reason to pick a fight. He demands the money back or a portion of it. There's intimidation involved to help make it happen.

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I've encountered scammers like this before. The reason why this type sends you the photoshopped image is to trick you into thinking they sent you a portion of the allowance they promised. They then wait for you to get upset so they can show upset. Then, at the right moment they demand the money back.


The one I encountered got very angry and demanded I send back the $2,000 he sent me. He got more aggressive when I told him I never received any money. He kept demanding I give him back the money. After awhile he threatened me. He threatened to send nude images of me to my family and coworkers. He then sent me a picture of what he thought was my head on a naked body. I told him it wasn't even really me and to go for it.


Then I blocked him.



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