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Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found 'dismantled and burned,' police say


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Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found 'dismantled and burned,' police say


A stolen statue of the legendary Hall of Famer and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson was found destroyed on Tuesday morning.


The Wichita Fire Department was called to a trash can fire at Garvey Park around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning where they discovered remnants of the stolen statue.


"This was a heartbreaking discovery this morning," Wichita City Council Member Brandon Johnson said during a press conference, via Fox 4 Kansas City. "I hate to see that the statue was not in one piece, but I do want everyone to know that we are undeterred in making sure that that statue gets rebuilt and put back there for our community, for League 42, for the young people. That symbol of hope will only be gone for a short time."

Johnson urged the community to donate to a fund set up by League 42 for a replacement statue.


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15 hours ago, CEDAvsFan said:

WHAT THE FLYING f**k?! The b*st**ds who did this need to be locked the f**k up for life!! And this close to Black History Month, too! 

Do you think this should be charged as a hate crime?

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