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Netflix Is Preparing to Phase Out Its Basic Plan


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Netflix Is Preparing to Phase Out Its Basic Plan


As password-sharing crackdowns and advertisement-based tier support rise, the company is looking to do away with its $11.99, ad-free option.


It's unclear how current Basic subscribers will be affected when the option is retired.


Basic will start to wash away in different territories over time. First up are the UK and Canada in the Spring, with other locations following from there. Ad-free options will then be limited to two tiers: Standard and Premium. The former costs $15.49 per month while offering full HD streaming, two supported devices at a time, and up to one extra member. The latter is a higher price jump at $22.99 per month with things like Ultra HD support, the option to stream from six devices at one time, and up to two extra members.

So this means that if those currently on basiclose their basic, they see a $4 price increase.

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