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Music/Drama/Thriller-Based LMN Movie Pitch: "Malicious Music" (For Jake Epstein on His Birthday)

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A popular recording artist (Jake Epstein) announces that he's taking a break from music to recollect himself, much to the chagrin of a fan (Natalie Sharp) who's always loved his music. She comes up with a plan to force him to record more music by befriending him. The plan eventually succeeds, and she traps him in her secret "lair" and demands that he keep making music, or else it's curtains for him.

Additional casting: Kevin McNulty, Michele Scarabelli, and Genevieve Buechner as Jake Epstein's parents and sister, Erica Durance as Jake's manager, Donna Benedicto as Jake's loyal girlfriend, Jamie Johnston and Emily Tennant as Jake's sibling neighbors, Emma Taylor-Isherwood and Michael D'Ascenzo as Jake's best friends, Jessica Lowndes as a girl Natalie Sharp pays to drug and seduce Jake, Joe Dinicol and Tegan Moss as local detectives, Vanessa Morgan as someone who knows the ins and outs of the music industry, Michael Xavier and Magda Apanowicz as news reporters concentrating on Jake's mysterious disappearance, and Meghan Heffern as an eccentric, gadget-loving engineer.

Distributor: Johnson Production Group.

Writers: Hannah Galway and Max McGuire, from a story by Jake Epstein.

Executive producers: Timothy O. Johnson, Joseph Wilka, Lisa Alford, Oliver De Caigny, Andrew C. Erin, and Dawn Wolfrom.

Producers: Hannah Galway, Josie Fitzgerald, Jason Bourque, Erin Boyes, Bill Corcoran, and Kristopher Turner.

Music: Christopher Guglick.

Stunts: Jocelyn Hudon and Gabrielle Anne Desy.

Director: Max McGuire.

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