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Lesbian couple blasts dream wedding venue over ‘heart-crushing’ email


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Lesbian couple blasts dream wedding venue over ‘heart-crushing’ email


After emailing the venue to discuss the deposit, they got back a response they weren’t expecting.

“While our deeply held religious belief keeps us from celebrating anything but marriage between a man and woman, we desire to serve everyone equally and do not want to keep anyone from using our building who would like to,” the email, written by the owner and reposted to Waggy’s Facebook page, allegedly said.

“Our hearts are to serve, regardless of race, creed, color, origin, sexual orientation, gender or marital status, while maintaining our convictions and beliefs as well,” it continued. “If you decide that our barn is the location you want for your wedding, we have learned that it is most fair to you to know who we are and where our heart is.”

I see that that venue found a work around to refusing service.



Waggy, a preschool teacher, said she “cried all night” after receiving the heartbreaking email, saying she and the venue had been discussing the wedding for many months before they revealed their religious beliefs.

I find it very suspicious.

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