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Drama/Thriller-Themed LMN Movie Pitch: "A Lover's Deadly Quarrel" (For Brett Dalton, Lauren Buglioli, and Lyndsy Fonseca on Their Birthdays)

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An engaged couple (Brett Dalton [clean-shaven] and Lauren Buglioli) finds their ideal life disrupted when the male fiancee's deranged ex (Lyndsy Fonseca) reenters the picture. The ex feels that she and him were always meant to be and that no one should come between them, so she leaves a path of devastation in her wake, including dead bodies. The man and his current woman must fight to keep his ex at bay before it's all over.

Additional casting: Brad Dourif, Wendie Malick, Mandy Patinkin, and Mindy Sterling as Brett Dalton and Lauren Buglioli's parents, Jesse Williams, Manuel Garcia-Ruflo, Nathalie Kelley, and Katharine McPhee as Brett and Lauren's best friends, Robin Riker as Lyndsy Fonseca's alcohol-addicted single mother, Camryn Grimes as a shady woman whom Lyndsy hires to drug and seduce Brett, Jason-Shane Scott and Alex Trumble as petty thieves whom Lyndsy hires to attack and rob Lauren in the middle of the night, Matthew Lawrence and Alissa Filoramo as local cops, William R. Moses and Nancy Travis as a married neighborly couple, and Jay Black as a gold-digging landlord.

Distributors: Reel One Entertainment and Exit 19 Productions.

Writers: Lindsay Hartley and Maddison Bullock.

Executive producers: John Bravo, Breanne LaPlante, Jay Black, Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Lindsay Hartley, Brian Herzlinger, and Richard Lister.

Producers: Amanda Boiselle, Jonathan Lewis Davis, Buz Wallick, Lori Bell Leahy, Michael Leahy, Shawn O'Brien, Steve Hofstetter, and Brian Hartman.

Music: Sarah DeCourcy and Brooke DeRosa (inspired by anime).

Stunts: Conley Wilson and Tara Erickson.

Director: Tom Shell.

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9 minutes ago, Philip Gipson said:

I saw her episode of that show, all right, but at the time nothing sparked in me.

She's been in a few and of course nothing did or would unless you saw season 1 and her small stint in it. You see her sorta crazy.

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